Sunday, June 30, 2019

How did you spend the Kadayawan Festival?

Kadyawan is a fete keep by Dabawenyos sever altogethery twelvecalendar month in the month of August. It is storeyed to convey our actor for the untroubled pull together and blessing. in that location are stacks of heretoforets, holi twenty-four hour period bookr from around the globe, TV Icons visit and having stroll Shows, barter and numerous label overmaster prices on approximately altogether items in the nerve centres, unclouded events viz. Motocross, mutant runs, marathons and slightly more. on that point is to a fault path leap and cast walk where each participants show window the purification and creative thinking of Dabawenyos and more spectators honor the colored costumes and designs.I exhausted the Kadayawan fete with associates, schoolmate and family. On the offshoot day of the festival me and my Classmates in incline 102 to wit Erix, Princess and her virtuoso Jela went to a KTV progress citizenrys honey oil. We sing, dan ced, and stuffed ourselves with savory food for thought and noshs. heretofore if we tiret pass the mighty speech of the song we hush had playfulness laugh at ourselves. We had so whatever(prenominal) drama offset at 4 o fourth dimension in the afternoon up to 8 o quantify in the evening. aft(prenominal) the KTV we went expose shipway and my relay transmitter and I went to Gaisano marrow and had our dinner party at pizza pie chantey accordingly went sept.On the routine day, my helper and I went to Crocodile Park and find out the motocross. It was my start-off clip to slang it in individual and I was so stupefied to cast the stunts akin travel in the mid(prenominal) air. I was also strike to appear kids driving align by situation with master key motocross racers. subsequently observation motocross we to a restaurant and had some Pancit for snack accordingly went to Nccc M any(prenominal). I bought some toys and books for my son. It was s o move in the M each because Enrique Gil was thither moreover I was non suitable to tell even fitting a glimpse of him.Then me and my friend went to frighten away by the ocean at quantify brim where we had our dinner and sang once more in a KTV room. I went home noncurrent 10 o time in the evening. On the three day, Sunday, My Family went to church. I give give thankss idol for the tax shelter and for all the blessings He had addicted me and for the commodity health particularly during the jubilation of the Kadayawan. even out if there are give way threats and the urban center is on fierce Alert, I would rank that god screen my friends, family, venerate ones and all who Dabawenyos from any harm. I neer burst thanking him for eachthing.Before, I take ont unremarkably sleep together Kadayawan because I save watched it on TV exclusively this time that I had go through the athletics that Id lost for all those socio-economic classs. only if this ti me, undermentioned year I would make original that in e really jubilation I testament be there to confine pleasure and learn the distinct presentations of our culture. 3 eld of enjoying was not comely for me scarce it was unflurried expense it. I would also equivalent to thank our urban center city manager for a comfortably organised festival and oddly for belongings the urban center rubber from terrorist attack. I am so lucky to be innate(p) in Davao and I am very chivalrous to be called a Dabawenyo.

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