Monday, June 17, 2019

Internet makes ratio analysis for two Qatari Companies (Dlala and Research Paper

Internet makes ratio analysis for two Qatari Companies (Dlala and Qatar Telecom) - Research motif ExampleThe most commonly utilize ratios are the liquidity, profitability, efficiency and financial stability ratios.. These ratios are critical to the success of the bank in terms of profitability. The primary(prenominal) source of information will be the Annual reports for the respective companies which are available from the net. Internet is highly reliable and reduces time and costs that could have been used in accessing libraries or buying books for reference purposes. It can be accessed at anytime and anywhere so long as there is a computer and internet connectivity. In addition, internet has highly contributed to e-learning a mode that is common today.This is a finding given by different companies, trying to analyze the business exploit prior to profit posted for a given annual report. This attentions the investors within these companies to lay down proper strategies in regar ds to the companys growth. However, an analysis help various companies in line to business to provide enough m whizzy for its bills, to establish if whether the wages paid to employees are high or low, whether the company is paying its tax to revenue authority, whether the company assets are being used efficiently and finally whether the prevailing problem issues are geared by the stake holders (Carr, 2011).From the in a higher place observation we found that the performance trend of the Qatar telecom has been growing tremendously. Considering the minority interests of the company, profit and losses have been diminishing ever within the year 2008 as compared to the financial year 2007. The number of property, plant and equipment has increased with a margin of 144, 692, 278, for the financial years of 2007 and 2008. Meanwhile, the intangible assets, and the differed tax asset have increased from the one in the year 2007 to the one in the year 2008. This is however, showing that the financial analysis of the Qatar Company has been increasing due to the

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