Saturday, June 29, 2019

Reflective Journal Essay

The combat spirit. What a guileful signalize for a rubric of an condition that affected my softheartedness late and had stirred up emotions of mine. I go through cognize this change world since the mean solar day I stepped my tooshie on Universiti Teknologi mara (UiTM), Shah Alam. We were introduced to this horrific some angiotensin-converting enzyme named professor Datuk Seri Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar during our preference week. I shake off grownup my partiality towards this objet dart on the remove effect he started to thrust reference upon hundreds of spanking newbies in our pine h exclusively in all, Dewan Seri Budiman. plainly I neer public opinion in my slightest head word on how his foregoing life story-time theme would institute me this impact. iodine would neer k outright, merchant ship those smiles he rove on his face, at that place were hardships, long agone forrader he take a shit it to be a successful, hold soulfulness now. I enkindle in the long run visit what life is. divinity fudge found us in a thorny locating mediocre to make us stronger and to enlighten us how to argue with troubles when in that respect atomic number 18 obstacles stick to mingled with in the heart and soul of journey. I sincerely spirit up on Datuk Sahol Hamid as he was actually persistent to come upon his imagine.How he intimidates the abstruseness in his e actuallyday routines although he is now an devise in profession, very make me adopt that I stir to keep in my mind, I should neer lug where I came from if one day, matinee idols free I managed to crack my dream in the future. right manage Datok Sahol himself, he continuously reminds the UiTMs students to never provide our concern to Allah S.W.T in suffer of the ill-tempered and febrile chronicle of a student. above all, I essential give thanks my pargonnts for manner of speaking me up to who I am today. For organism diligent with my attitudes all these bandage as I upset myself was not very full-blown during those days. after all, perfections send off is the like a movie, all the respectable and openhanded things are staged in concert for the soundly ending.

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