Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Opinion paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Opinion paper - Essay ExampleSpeech features in social communication, organizational communication, group communication, and public speaking. A good linguistic communication is audible and clear. However, the human auditory system can understand speech in unseemly conditions. This paper will focus on the intelligibility of periodically interrupted speech in speech communication. The paper will, rely on a research study, nitty-gritty of low-pass straining on intelligibility of periodically interrupted speech, by Pranesh Bhargavaa and Deniz Bakent. The paper will focus on audibleness, effect of audibility on perception of interrupted speech and factors causing reduced intelligibility of interrupted speech with turn arounding impairment as analyzed in the study.The study involved use of meaningful Dutch sentences on eight young undergraduate Dutch native students of both genders. The sentences were low-pass filtered and were left uninterrupted, or were interrupted by modulating w ith a periodic square wave. The listeners were then so-called to listen and repeat verbally what they have heard (Bhargavaa and Bakenta Web). Audibility of any speech is very necessary in communication. One needs to hear clearly in order to interpret reasonably. Biologically, the ability to speak and hear clearly seems to depreciate with age. However, other biological and general factors can affect the audibility of an individuals speech like diseases and physical disabilities. According to the results drawn from the study, slow interruption rates reduced speech intelligibility. However, there was no effect of the fast interruption rate without the interruptions. There was no effect of low pass filtering on the speech intelligibility except on the lowest cut-off frequency and the highest filter orders. It was also observed that the increase of the filter order, decreased intelligibility of speech (Bhargavaa and Bakenta Web).Concerning the factors that cause the poor intelligibility of interrupted speech in hearing

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