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The spirit of 1968 politicised everyday life. Discuss Essay

The aspect of 1968 politicised every solar day life. Discuss - Es formulate ExampleFrom the streets of First World cities like Memphis, London and Paris to communistic ones like Belgrade and Warsaw, protests, many of them violent, marked the course of study that was 1968. Civil right protesters, students and instructors, professionals, labour union groups, either trooped to the streets to denounce what they saw was imperialistic, oppressive, repressive and simply unjust status quo. In short, 1968 was simply a year of chaos and anarchy.The Guardian called it the Year of the Revolt and that was not an exaggeration. The events of 1968 were in themselves overwhelming, but more so because media, principally television, brought the images of these events into the intimacy of homes. The spirit of 1968 succeeded in changing the world chiefly because it changed the everyday life of tribe. It empowered, it prodded and it inspired people to take stock of their political world and go out i n the streets and have a say on how things are done, whether rightly or wrongly. It simply politicised everyday life. Students became a power to be reckoned with, really and changing government policies and perspectives. Students, professionals, and the working-class were all part of the rampaging social segments that made 1968 the year that changed the history of the world.To saltation with, 1968 was no ordinary year. The global scene was awash with arresting and dramatic political developments that would have by nature stirred attention and emotions. At the very first month of the year, the North Vietnamese Army and the Vietcong caught the Americans by surprise when they launched the Tet Offensive, so called because it was made on the 31st of January, which happened to be Tet Nguyen Dan or Vietnams first day of the year and its most important holiday. The Vietnam War that the US government was waging had previously already earned mount protests at home and overseas because Ame ricans felt it was not their war to fight and people abroad

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SAM 448 UNIT 5 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SAM 448 UNIT 5 - Assignment Example by and by discovering the invitees desire, the matters are whittled down to sizes that are communicated to the world in the next excellent showdown. The client also gets a picture why his presence in of assistance in the next meeting (Milne & McDonald, 1999).Specific questions that define the object lens of the upshot will aid in finding out the priorities and goals of the meeting. wherefore should we get together? What is the point of the meeting or item or banquet or group? Could the goal of the event be educating, inspiring, informing the audience or networking or making money? What is the objective group Event members or spouses or children or suppliers or customers?As the meeting ponders the answers to these questions, the potential of the event will be determined. An objective statement will be obtained and can be communicated to the planning team. The attendees of the event will be identified as well as their desires during the event. The objectives highlighted will be used in meetings promotional material. As a result, everyone will sing from the same page (Freedman,

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Comparing international developments to New Zealands policies and Coursework

Comparing international developments to vernal Zealands policies and practices, in relation to disability and aging. Both groups are to be covered - Coursework ExampleThey have show the use of the term without any form of discriminatory t wiz or motive. Based on this argument, polar scholars, governments and organizations have come up with varied definitions on disability. In china, for example, the term disabled person is one who suffers from the abnormalities of loss of a indisputable organ or function, physiologically or physically, or in anatomic structure and has lost wholly or in part the ability to perform an activity in a way considered normal (Office of Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation in State Council, 2004). Moreover, the kindred provision defines a disabled person as one with visual, hearing, speech or physical disabilities, knowing disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, multiple disabilities, and or other disabilities (National Bureau of Statistics, 2007). Th is definition is pegged on/ borrowed from that of the international community more or less the caring for people with various disabilities.Disabilities are inflicted o people through variant ways depending on the prevailing circumstances under which people operate. These people, therefore, deserve respect and fair treatment on different aspects of the society just as the entire human folk is entitled to certain rights and privileges depending on their echt contributions to the various developmental units in the society. People with disability are not able to perform certain tasks in a way deemed satisfactory to the society compared to those without any form of disability in them. In most cases, the disabled persons are disadvantaged on such grounds. The international community, therefore, found it necessary to decree laws in a bid to protect disabled persons from exploitation and manipulations by other members of the society. Each representative nation today has elaborate laws governing the operations and movements of people with disability in

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LAW OF CONSUMER PROTECTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

LAW OF CONSUMER PROTECTION - Essay Example and so the consequences for recovering and claiming damages with respect to the sale of goods under a hire grease ones palms agreement entrust be discussed.The first problem of note appears to be a case of legerdemain. Keith, the sales agent with whom Vic and Gaynor negotiated the purchase of the sofa from Funky Furniture with, represented to the couple that the sofa would fit through the immanent doors of their home. This bear on appeared to be a pre-condition of the contract for the sale of the sofa. Having convinced the pair that the sofa would fit through the internal doors of their home, Vic and Gaynor decided to enter into a hire purchase agreement for the purchase of the sofa.Under the law of contract, misrepresentation arises in situations where there is a communication of pretended facts which have the effect of inducing the party who is receiving the false representation to enter into legal obligations.1 A Misrepresentation c an be made either negligently, fraudulently or innocently. The extent of the applicable remedies in respect of misrepresentation will depend on the cause of misrepresentation made.2 In a typical case where misrepresentation is substantiated, the innocent party can if he/she desires, rescind the contract and/or make a claim for concurrent damages.3Vic is required to prove that she relied on Keiths misrepresentation or that she was induced to enter into the contract because of Keiths misrepresentation.4 If however, Vic relied on her own nous with respect to the sofa being able to fit into the internal doors of her home she cannot claim that she relied on Keiths misrepresentation.5 On the facts of the case for discussion however, it appears that Vic did not rely on her own judgment since she questioned whether or not the sofa would fit into the interior doors. It was only after Keith assured her that it would that she entered into the contract for the purchase of the sofa.

Organisation Promotion Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

nerve Promotion Plan - Essay ExampleFirstly, with regards to where and how the output should be advertised, it is this analysts understanding that trade journals and relevant publications would be an effective mechanism for attracting the attention of potential clients (McGann et al., 2013). Whereas it might be understood that advertising in the likes of The economic expert could be effective, the truth of the matter is that this is far too expensive and would require a very bouffant amount of money to pick out effectively therefore making other smaller and more ad hoc publications within the specific trades that might be targeted much more effective. The sales strategy itself pass on be highly concentric upon delineating an effective message to the consumer. As might be expected, the message that will be immediately trade is with regards to the ultimate loss of utility and arrive atability that toilette be realized as a result of conflicts among stakeholders. With regards to the means through which this will be represented, graphical representations will need to be created that promote both an understanding of the emotional aspects of conflict as well as the direct coefficient of correlation between this negative externality and the overall profit margin that a company might roll in the hay (Shrestha, 2012). In such a way, the ultimate message that the sales strategy will seek to engage will be somewhat synonymous with the advertising strategy. By seeking to evoke an emotional in this will response within the part of the stakeholder towards the need to mitigate and reduce conflict management, the end consumer will be fully cognizant of the fact that immediate action needed to be taken and the product/service integrated with in order to reduce the ultimate threat that this poses (Goldsmith & Amir, 2010). Similarly, with regards to the time frames and ultimate gamble that this particular strategy entails, it must be understood that no particular prom otion plan can realize success in a rapid period of time. Rather, a level of patience and foresight of the amount of time that it can take before this particular approach begins to return a profit must be engaged upon all stakeholders within the firm in question (Ailawadi et al., 2006). One of the infallible risks that exist with respect to the means by which the product to be integrated is of course the overall occupation that the economy may take between now and the time in which the product is fully represented the consumer. Naturally, if the economy begins to worsen, services such as conflict management solutions, will necessarily not be as attractive or deemed as useful to a mere form of survival. Finally, with respect to why the consumer should buy this particular service as compared to the litany of others that are on the market, a sustained level of sermon should be provided with regards to the promotional and advertising material with respect to the ultimate level of exp erience and expertise that this particu

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Entrepreneurship and social enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Entrepreneurship and social enterprise - Essay ExampleThis government activity was founded by two youth college graduates named Matthew Slotover, a psychology graduate and Amanda Sharp, a PPE Graduate. They were assisted by Tom Gidley, an device college student. Mathew Slotover after complete his graduation from Oxford University has decided to work for him. He started to visit art gallery with his friend, which sparked the passion for present-day(a) art. This do him to combine his passion for arts combine with his dream to become boss. A promotion in the shielder newspaper worked as catalyst where the works of few unknown artists with prices as well as strain details were shown. This made Matthew to think of creating a hybrid catalogue or magazine in which the artists bunghole produce their works along with prices. This will make them reach to a wide range of consumers at a time and was expected to revolutionize the ways in which contemporary art domain worked. In June 199 1, the number 1 edition of Frieze magazine was published. Frieze has grown as a significant company that had 44 employees and a turnover of 5 million, by focusing on art galleries as their major customers and applying their skills and expertise in desk-top publishing. Today, Frieze is operating as the most popular art magazine of Europe and is also gaining a square position in United States. The Frieze Art Fair that was launched in London in 2003 was one of the top-tier art fairs that gained global recognition. The present case study has given the opportunity to analyze the situation in which the organization is going through and suggest the best possible option in which they can gain higher(prenominal) profitability. In this regards the paper will be focusing on the reasons that brought huge success for Frieze, their current set up according to the organizational life cycle and the best suitable strategy that they need to follow. Reasons for success At the launch of the magazin e in 1991 Mathew started to work on the magazine so that it can be a grand success. Carl was a gallery owner and a major player in the booming contemporary art world of London. He turned down the idea saying that the artists will not care to use magazines for displaying their work and they are used to with the galleries for displaying their works. Stuart Morgan was an eminent critic in the leading magazines of UK, emphasized on the fact that credibility of the magazine will be lost if they even one thing to sale. This feedback given by these eminent people was taken seriously by Mathew and was one of the major reasons for the success of their first magazine. Matthew decided to change the vision of the magazine by removing the sale side from the magazine and keeping the chromatography column content and keep the talk about arts. Matthew was joined by other two members and the total aggroup of three started on work on the new issue. They decided on the name and rented a blank shel l from where they can operate. Recession started impacting the economy of UK, which acted as a blessing in disguise for Frieze. The art world became less busy and the Frieze team was able to contact many of the eminent persons who were willing to offer their advice and time, which were really important for Frieze. Stuart Morgans help was also a big contribution towards the success of the business. Apart from this, contribution of all the team members who has devoted all their efforts and ideas towards

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People and Organisational Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

People and Organisational Management - Essay ExampleIt is principal(prenominal) to be adequate to(p) to have a clear idea of yourself in developing your own PDF. It is no surprise whence that knowing oneself is the primary requirement when preparing a PDF. This can be done by getting info that pertains to oneself. Being able to do this may take a lifetime since a persons growth naturally adds up to a persons trove of experiences. This is very important since a self-motivated individual must seek a challenging environment. Likewise, improvement and personal innovation has really scram key traits nowadays for an individual to be able to cope with the fast changing environment at work. Likewise, it is also key to exude a authorized degree of professionalism at all times. In crafting a resume, it is important to remember that the one making his or her resume knows the pryuct more than the anybody because he or she is selling himself/herself (the MIT Career Development Centre). Sel f AssessmentIt is important to be able to have a clear idea of yourself in developing your own PDF. It is no wonder that this is the initial step towards a successful plan for self-development. Hence, after a quick review, I have come to realize certain key points about myself such as my strong work ethic and my being dependable and resposible. I believe that this is encourage strengthened by my postive attitude as well as the character that i am particularly proud of. The cut throat competition can really drain a person physically and mentally.... This will then lead to professional development not to mention the numerous contacts from networks. Moving forward and achieving the milestones that I will set in my PDP can help me maximize the opportunities that further studies and maybe even trainings can provide me. In addition, my further studieas and trainings can be reagrded as a reward in itself In any case, the opportunity for further l fixeing can boost my PDP as I regard my p erformance as reward (McClelland, 1961). 10 Threats 10 Despite the positive impact of such an opportunity, it is undeniable that these do not come cheap. Hence, the cost can greatly undermine my efforts making sorrow bith painful and costly. However, this is where my docility will be tested as I set out in my PDP. It is whence important to include in the plan certain reminders of how significant the task that I will be undertaking really is. In that way, I can stay motivated to be able to prod on when the going gets tough (Grant 2008b). 10 Conclusion 10 My main target for now is to earn my masters degree which will open up a host of possibilities. Despite the little terror of costs, it is imperative that I am able to push forward with this plan even if the monetary rewards do not come right away. To hurdle this I turn to Esenbergers theory (1992) of learned industry wherein putting in certain incentives throughout my PDP can motivate me further to truly imporve myself. Most impo rtant of these will be the fact that the opportunity for further learneing can boost my PDP and that my performance in that design is a reward in itself (McClelland 1961). It is then easy to have certain markers and milestones as every semester that I hurdle is a milestone in itself. Also, since plans are not static, it is

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Quality Management In Health Care Research Paper

Quality Management In Health fretting - Research Paper ExampleThe growing predominance of chronic illness and the search for less pricey delivery settings, post-acute and long-term amiable and physical wellness care services are increasingly important. ( Huq & Martin, 2005) Expenditures for treat homes and home health care have grown as a percentage of NHE from 8% or $48.9 billion in 1988, to 13.2% or $171.5 billion in 2000.Medication is one of the most important tools for the healthcare and psychological field in the fall in States used to help treat people with mental health problems and psychological abnormalities. (Carson, K. D., Carson, Roe, C. W., Birkenmeie & Phillips, J. C., 1999).During the past decade, mental health researchers and professionals have seen a rise in the number of prescriptions organism given to mental health patients in the United States, especially to children. Keeping that in mind, it has been tried to watch if overmedicate these mental health patie nts in the U.S?Nursing homes are the principal institutions for long-term care delivery to patients with mental health issues. In 2000, there were 17 thousand federally qualified nursing homes in the United States. Medicaid is the primary payer for nursing home services, accounting for 68% of nursing home patients in 1999. Medicare covers provided a small percentage of nursing home services, accounting for 9% of patients in 1999. (Grol, R., 2001) In severalize to infirmarys, two-thirds of all of the nursing homes are under private, for-profit ownership.Hospitals and inpatient care have long been a aboriginal feature of the U.S. health care services industry. (Huq, Z., & Martin, T., 2005) With the development of antibiotics and improved surgical techniques and anesthesia in the mid-20th century, the hospital became the hub for the practice of medicine, earning its designation as the physicians workshop.

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MGT 501 Mgmt. and Org. Behavior Organizations as POLITICAL SYSTEMS - Essay

MGT 501 Mgmt. and Org. Behavior Organizations as POLITICAL SYSTEMS - systems of political activity, with patterns of competing interests, conflict and power - Essay Examplehow things have changed over the years and how an singular needs to act if he / she expect to survive their job. Any kind of loose talk or gossip can prove to be very expensive for the individuals and hence a great partake in of care needs to be taken.The two articles have in their own ways brought out the various points of how individuals can finagle their position in the offices without getting into the bad books of either their colleagues or the bosses. The main contrariety of the two articles however is that Kennedy provides insights on how to effectively lead a team and more importantly how to manage teams in the current times. She explains how the leadership was different in earlier times and how people now choose to be led than managed. This is suck in from the statement in the article, Old style mana gement is out. Younger workers, especially, dont want to be managed. They want to follow someone who knows where he or she is going. They want to be taught, not directed. apprehend shortages intensify when physician executives dont adapt their styles (Kennedy).Both the authors have presented very similar motions however have explained them in very different manners. Kennedy explains the politics and leadership in a manner which is more as a solution and advice to be good leaders in the current times, while Sun has given a clear cut explanation of the politics and ways to avoid them in a very diplomatical manner. This is clear from the statement made in the article, Suppose your co-workers start complaining about the boss. If you join in, it makes you go through disloyal to the boss, he advices the individuals to reply as, Come on, arent we exaggerating? name of boss really isnt THAT bad (Sun). Hence as seen it is clear that the two authors have in their own ways shown how to deal with politics in a company.Considering the topic of managing power in social relationships, it is important to note that this requires a high deal of

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir called Dance at Bougival Essay

Pierre-Auguste Renoir called Dance at Bougival - Essay ExampleThe essay Pierre-Auguste Renoir called Dance at Bougival disc everywheres the artistic creation of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir paints them in such(prenominal) a way as to allow us a glimpse of the emotions that they could be feeling at the time. Everything and everyone in that word picture is treated as a back spew to the dancing couple as was the case with many of his paintings at this period of time. This treatment of the other the great unwashed as background increases the draw of the two central characters, which Renoir has drawn with garments and head gear that immediately separates them from the tarry of the painting.This separation is achieved by the use of bright primary colors for the head gear with the lady habiliment a red, wide brimmed hat and the gentlemans face being obscured by a sensationalistic hat with a thinner brim. The use of opposite colors, black for the man and white or sour white for the w oman, also draws attention to the contrast. The feeling is received by the viewer that all arts read been used in order to ensure that the viewer is immediately drawn into the picture towards the two whiz outlets. The setting of the picture in an area that is surrounded by greenery and plants and the use of almost smudged color, such as that which was typically seen in his Impressionist paintings, makes the starkness of the ladys face even more arresting. The obscuring of the mans face also ensures that the dancing woman is the principal cogitate of the picture over all else. The softening of all lines apart from those on the two characters.... This artwork can be classified ad as a actualistic piece of art since the figures that are varicoloured are true to the real characters, but there is still a strong element of Impressionism in the painting. This is particularly noticeable in the use of color in the artwork even though he had acquired inspiration from visitng other area s of the being which altered his style of art from the purely Impressionist. This artwork was painted at a point in time where Renoir had moved a way from the Impressionist movement that he started along with Monet and Sisley. This is where he began to snap more on the central character, in this case two central figures, as in a portrait. This artwork was completed along with two other paintings and this group became known as the dancing series. This painting was set in the least formal setting of the three, adding a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment to the painting. This artwork was intended purely to bring joy and beauty to the world since it has no overt religious or political significance. It is appears to be purely the artists representation of the two figures that he is watching as they are dancing. This was painted after Renoir returned from a trip abroad that is believed to have altered his style of art and his representation of his subject matter. The painting was produ ced in 1883 at a point in his career where he was attempting to make a break from the rules that had been imposed on the Impressionist artists. He then began embracing more obvious lines that brought the focus of the viewer more strongly to the principal subject matter. The actual coloring of the painting was also designed to show a greater contrast between the principal subject matter and what was viewed as the desktop to

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Department of Health and Human Services IT Security Program Research Paper

Department of Health and Human Services IT Security Program - Research Paper representativeThis constitution step to the forelines the framework by which the department ensures that its IT resources are protected when accessed remotely. The resources mentioned include all(prenominal) levels of sensitivity all existing automated information and systems. The insurance policy includes mandatory rules for all organizational units, employees and other stakeholders. The roles and responsibilities are in addition outlined for the managers, security and IT officers. Building on the fact that pro-active security measures are implemented and maintained effectively, this policy outlines the rules by which malware or malicious computer applications and data are prevented from entering the system, detected and rooted out immediately. This policy is particularly directed at the employees who are tasked to gather, process and transmit HHS information and infrastructure resources such(prenomin al) as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Resources management and sr. Information Systems Security Officer. Through this policy, the Department of Health and Human Services, effectively, created the PII Breach Response Team. Consequently, the policy outlined the responsibilities, tasks, and mandate of the team such as the identification, management, and response to suspected or confirmed security breaches. This policy also created the HHS Information Security and Privacy Program, which was developed to support the Breach Response Team. This is one of the some(prenominal) major policies that came from the office of the Chief Information Officer. It outlines the implementation for machine-readable policy for the agencys websites. A aggregate component of this policy is the satisfaction of best practices standards in terms of satisfying web privacy security, statutory and regulatory requirements as well as the collection and protect ion of data.

Pharmacology (Drug Profile Midazolam) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Pharmacology (Drug write midazolam) - Essay Exampleb) Oral administration is also done for short term treatment. This is done primarily for the insomnia patients. c) Midazolam is also indicted for the management of schizopernia. 3. Midazolam is plant to interact with many medicates. The drug interaction is give to either increase the activity or decrease the activity of Midazoalm. The drug interaction occurs mainly with the antipsychotic medications, barbitu stations, antibiotics and antifungal, cimetidine, Diltiazem, Narcotics, Seizure and Sleep medications, alcohol and antidepressant medicines such as Antipsychotic drugs allow in Aripipraxole , asenapine, chlorpromazine, clozapine, fluphenazine, haloperidol, Iloperidone, loxapine, lurasidone, molindone, olanzapine, paliperidone and perphenazine and pimozide. Barbutarates include Amobarbital, Butalbital, Pentobarbital and Secobarbital. Antibiotics such as Clarithomycin, Erythromycin, Isoniazid, Itraconazole , ketoconazole and Telithromycin. Narcotics such as morphine and oxycodone are used in combination with Midazolam. (drugs.emedtv.com) The pharmacokinetic drug interactions are found to occur based on the enzymes involved in the metabolism. The drug interaction with the CNS depressants such as alcohols, opioids and barbiturates are found to have lethal, clinical and forensic consequences with midazolam. many studies have found that this interaction results in death. (Mozayani and Raymon 2004). Similarly when analgesics are used along with the midazolam, they are found to have greater sedative effects. The gastrointestinal agents when combined with midazolam are found to increase the rate of absorption of the drug. Cimetidine when used along with Midazolam is found to increase the retention time of Midazolam in the body. Similarly the antifungal agents are also found to inhibit the movement of Midazolam from the body. 4. a) The tool of interaction of Midozolam is understood well. The main target of Mi dazolam is the gamma aminobutyric acida sense organ. This is an ionotropic receptor with gamma amino butyric deadly as the endogenous ligand. When GABAa receptor is activated then it transmits Chloride ions through their pores and polarizes the neurons. This polarization results in the inhibition of the neurotransmission. The benzodiazepines binds to the receptor found between the alpha and gamma receptor subunits. The five subunits of GABA receptor are exquisite to benzodiazepine. When benzodiazepine binds to the alpha and the gamma subunits of the GABA receptor, and brings the receptor into its control. The binding brings out a change in the anatomy of the GABA alpha and makes them to open the chloride ion channel and this polarizes the membrane. This process inhibits the signal transduction pathway by arresting the GABA molecules and creating sedatory and anxiolytic effects to the human. (Sigel 2002). b. Midozolam is the substrate for the receptor GABA only. This is very spec ific in nature. It binds to the GABA receptors that are having only alpha and gamma subunits. The binding of benzodiazepine modifies the GABAs response by the receptor. As these receptors are found in the cerebral cortex region, limbic system, cerebellar cortex and spinal cord, its effect can be tangle in many parts of the body. The two compartmental model enables the specificity of the molecule and increases the sensitivity. (Stoelting and Miller 2007) c.

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Intellectual property law (need top marks) Essay

Intellectual property law (need top marks) - Essay ExampleSince its capital punishment from the year 1911, application of the Copyright Act has become mandatory for various sectors to use and follow this system. In order to keep parity with the forms of offensive acts in this field several changes have been done in the existing form of the Act and finally it was implemented in the year 1988.1 Copyright is associated with creative full treatment associated with literature, drama, music, films, broadcasting net fly the coop to the typographic arrangement of various editions. Copyright does not include a bat where a mismatch can be noticed between the requirement and the qualification.2 Due to technological come along scope of the intellectual property rights has become broader and an individual, who wishes to protect his creative works, coming within scope of the Act, is needful to register the work.However, in the UK legal context, if a person wishes to exercise his/her intellect ual property rights, no alteration is required for right of first publication purpose. It is a completely costless procedure, both simple and flexible. When it comes to protection of information done the Intellectual property rights, introduction of the Internet is the most effective instrument.3 However, if a person wants to bring his work within the scope of copyright protection, it is required that his idea should be a novel and genuine at the same time. Business names and product names does not belong to group for copyright, rather they atomic number 18 protected as trademarks.4The 1988 Copyright act contains certain factors which makes it an inferior commercially to exploit various copies that is cognize by the defendant. The right does not deal with those people who carry out direct infringement of copyright but applied to those people who deal commercially with infringing copies. Secondary infringement of copyright material covers the force field of importation,

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Relevance of Standard Costing & Variance Analysis Essay

Relevance of modular Costing & Variance Analysis - Essay ExampleThe regular cost is a predetermined building block cost i.e. the price and criterion amount of each resource to be utilized in manufacturing a product and providing a service. A random variable star is the difference of actual cost incurred and expected standard cost. The variance analysis involves breakup of total variance to explain how much variance is caused by difference in use of resources from the standard usage quantity and how much variance is caused by the difference in prices of resources from the standard be (Scarlett, 2008, p.96). The standard costing can be advantageous only if the cost standards are cautiously established and prudently used. The use of standards solely for placing blame can have negative impact on management and employees. The major advantages include better management planning, promotes economy by making the employees understand enormousness of cost reduction, setting selling price , management control, highlights variances in management by exception and simplify the inventories costs reducing clerical costs (Weygandt, Kimmel & Kieso, 2009, p.495). Standard costing system was developed in accordance with the handed-down manufacturing environment which has changed drastically in recent competitive environment. The critics of standard costing and variance analysis spot the fol pitifuling reasons for its declining relevance Changing Cost Structure Provided that the standard costing is suited to the control of variable and target costs but not fixed and indirect costs, the usefulness of standard costing has been questioned because the in recent times the overhead costs have become the relevant factory costs whereas the importance of direct parturiency costs has diminished. Inconsistency with JIT (Just-in-Time) Philosophy JIT is an inventory system which works towards keeping zipper inventories and reducing handling, warehousing and financing costs and time as sociated with tracking stocks and movements (Ajami & Goddard, 2006, p.357). This system has been widely adopted by American and European firms in the last decade. Although critics of standard costing and variance analysis assert that if work of purchasing department is evaluated on the basis of purchase price variance then the purchase managers allow be motivated to obtain materials at the lowest possible costs which can result in selection of many suppliers on the basis of lowest price, large quantity purchases resulting in larger inventories, low quality goods and indifference towards attainment of on-time delivery. This contradicts the JIT philosophy. Overemphasis on the importance of Direct Labour The fact that direct labour has lost its importance in modern manufacturing and is a small proportion of the total factory costs, makes the standard costing irrelevant because most of the overhead costs are allocated to the cost centres on the basis of direct labour hours. To reduce their allocated costs the managers try to reduce the direct labour hours which diverts the attention from controlling the emanation overhead costs. This is not an inadequacy of standard costing rather a faulty application of it to verify on volume variances to control short term costs and performance evaluation. Inconsistent with Continuous approach Philosophy The

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The film Jimi - All Is By My Side Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The film Jimi - All Is By My location - Essay ExampleThe biggest disappointment in the film was that when the audience expected any(prenominal) depiction of creativity and humor on Jimi, they were shown depression and a gloomy tale that indicated Jimi as a speechless religious mystic who had no spirit. Instead of the managing director showing Jimi in tour within Europe and performing music, the director only showed violence, overdoses, and mental breakdowns. This is quite an unprofessional film making and would probably make the audience heed the film was over. One would feel like they are watching an interpretation of the events. The article by Ian Inglis, prevalent Music History on Screen The Pop/Rock Biopic According to Ians article, the film followed the chance of the biopic. In the film, one can see how Hendrix grew to stardom as he passed through the hardships. However, biopic films are always actually predictable and turn out to be boring. The film producers decided to choose the year before Hendrix was a superstar. A fascinating thing about the film is that it does not only indicate to the viewers the detail period in Hendrixs life but also teases it out in a habitual figure. Hendrix has been a hero of his own and Benjamin manages to convey a character that was quite difficult. It is the conflicting and philosophic elements of Hendrixs characters that prove to be quite compelling. One can get the notion that if he had not been found playing guitar in New York, Hendrix would have been satisfied playing the guitar anywhere and buying some second-hand clothes.

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War Against Terror Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

War Against Terror - Essay ExampleWhether the curse war is based on a series of structured brainstorming sessions that began shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, supplemented by selective research and updates (Ronczkowski, 2004, p. 2) or based on London bombings we are still struggling with defining, dealings with, and addressing terrorism and the roles of officials and agencies in combating terrorism. What have we gained so far Terrorism is there War on terrorism is going on we have not gained security against terrorism but a social and object lesson fear because of politics and legal concerns. Such concerns have emerged a new fear and panic in spite of appearance us.On the other hand the field of terrorism in the context of research or host arenas has revealed that there is a lack of awareness, especially by law enforcement personnel, as to how to best deal with and give verboten terrorism and terrorist-related activity. Therefore, how are we expectin g law enforcement personnel to identify something about which they do not have a conceptual understanding Law enforcement academies have always focused on training and developing an respective(prenominal) so he understands every aspect of what he can do and what is expected of him in criminal-based situations locally, gibe to state guidelines. So how can law enforcement personnel be expected to effectively address the internationalist reaches of terrorism without proper training and awareness of what they are attempting to identify and analyse Even it is found out that the information obtained from terrorism analysis is used in strategic planning for areas such as law-breaking prevention and conflicts. However, is crime prevention the same as terrorism prevention Such a war on terror is producing nothing but causing in the society intense fear, anxiety, apprehension, panic, dread, and horror. (Garaeu, 2004, p. 14) The main targets of terrorist requisite are the civilian populat ion, distinguishing these techniques from conventional acts of war tell primarily against military targets. Often members are selected and randomly attacked and escorted towards the preplanned violence that is directed against targets specified. Terrorism often targets business corporations in the private sector. However the war on terror suggests mea trusteds to identify all the predictable and unpredictable impacts of terrorist influence upon its instant victims. The war against terror develops its intentions to shinny and inspire anxiety, even among its own members of the public which are far removed from its immediate surrounding area, as well as generating widespread moral disgust about the use of these techniques. The war on terror is often considered as a war which is aimed primarily at terrorists but accidentally military targets in addition suffer thereby inviting collateral damage to occur, where many civilians are accidentally hurt, but this differs from violent acts that are intentionally directed against the general public. One cannot say how much such a war is beneficial for eradicating terrorists but this is for sure that such wars cause moral turmoil among the citizens. (Just et al, 2003, p. 7)The number of US institutes and research centres and think thanks which have now added this suit to their research agendas against war on terror or, have been newly established to specialise in this field

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Management of a Software Development Project Essay Example for Free

direction of a bundle package increment wander EssayIntroductionMany years ago, general services offered by hotels similar dinner party reservations, means reservations and other services were through with(p) manu aloney. Most hotels used books, ledgers and papers to record names of guests, their period of stay and contact details. This required a lot of effort and time. Since the advent of the information age however, slashing and interactive websites guard been introduced which have more efficient and faster technological features and capabilities for the caution of hotel services. For any assembly line to remain competitive, it is necessary to maintain an online presence in order to reach out to customers all all over the world and compete on a global platform. Reservations and payments atomic number 18 now done online to ensure that conduction of business is faster and more convenient for customers.Definition of attend ManagementA couch is a temporary end eavor that is done to generate a unique product or service (Dun arse 1996). insure Management is an activity that involves the overall supervision, charge and co-ordination of all activities related to accomplishing a set activity. It always has a start and a finish date. concord to Whitten, Project Management is a process that starts at the germ of a consider, is conducted throughout a determine and doesnt end until after the realise is completed (2001). fit in to Duncan (1996), Project caution is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities to fulfill stakeholders commands and expectations. It usually involves finding a balance among scope, time, cost, persona, and varying expectations of stakeholders. Another definition of Project Management is the process of scoping, planning, staffing, conducting, directing, and managing the victimisation of a arrangement at an inexpensive cost within a specified time frame (Whitten, Bentley Dittman 200 1, p.124).Importance of Project ManagementAccording to Dr Malcolm Wheatley, Project management as a management discipline, supports much economic activity. In major(ip)(ip) industries like Information Technology, Softw are ascendment, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, and Aerospace, check management is fundamental. Project Management is in addition important in governments that have set goals and milestones which can only be achieved with effective management practices. Data from the Bureau of Economic synopsis of the US Department of Commerce, forecastd in 2001 that the US companies spend $2.3trn on reckons each year (2000).Project management is important in any economic activity because it ensures adequate planning, scheduling and successful execution of a undertaking it also helps to reduce possible risks associated with a project and ensure minimal hitches. Project Management is indeed important to every economy. Many projects fail because of poor knowledge of Project Manag ement concepts. Its relevance cannot be over emphasized.Role of the Project ManagerThe project manager is in charge of day by day management and supervision of the project. He manages the project to ensure that things go according to plan. He also communicates with all stakeholders and project team members to ensure that theres a clear understanding of general requirements. The project manager confirms users requirements to bedevil sure that these requirements are incorporated into the end-product. A project manager engages in scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, scheduling, directing, imperious and closing a project (Whitten 2001, p.127).Swot AnalysisThe Regency Hotels has several strengths that serve as advantages. It has the potential to put out its services to customers internationally due to the number of branches it has, internet accessibility and its unique services. It is also strategically located, can leverage on its positioning and has a wide customer base. Its two major weaknesses are 1) it has a static website which cannot result interactive functions like online payments, online reservations, message boards, fan clubs, and so on. 2) It does not have masterful IT staff in-house that can manage the online system when it is eventually deployed. at that place are however, opportunities for it to become one of the high hat hotels in the world by maintaining a consistent and interactive global presence. Increased competition is the major threat to Regency Hotels. Most hotels today, have a strong online presence that offers customers various services that make their experiences with the hotel more memorable and convenient, like qualification and paying online. Regency Hotels is yet to rise to the challenge.Development methodologyThe software development methodology to be adopted for the production of this system is the waterfall method. This is an approach to software development that specifies that a project should be grouped into phases and one phase must be completed before the next. The project is carried out in a logical manner through a pre-determined number of steps.This method is preferred because the duration of the project is only two weeks and the requirements are clear. With the waterfall method, project reviews are conducted mingled with stages, which contain milestones. This forgets an organized scenario that ensures required documentation and quality management of the developed application is carried out (Sorensen 1995).Project arenaThe project scope definition involves clarifying the boundaries of the project. Regency Hotels in addition to unattached technological features like retrieving customers information, billing, checking for direction availability, desires a system with added capabilities of online booking and payment.This project involves building a system that can accept online booking and payment options by customers. A penetration will be developed to include the following feature s Online reservations, online payment, checking room availability, checking in, checking out, discussion group and general information on the hotel.Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will be added to the website to provide for added security when paying online search functions will be provided on web pages to check for room availability and booking e-mail and discussion group facilities will be included to facilitate communication among customers and the hotel and other technological features from the available website will be incorporated into the new portal to ensure that a juicy system that meets the expectations of Stakeholders at Regency Hotels is built.The final system will be deployed at the hotel and tested. Staff members that need to be trained will be identified and educated on how to use the system. The change management process will be made easier for staff of Regency Hotel by ensuring that they are adequately trained, resources are provide to assist them, and maintenance/ supp ort plans are put in place.Result of using COCOMO model to estimate effort, duration and number of people required.The constructive Cost Model, known as COCOMO was developed by Barry Boehm in 1981. It is based on the waterfall model and is used for estimating the number of person and months necessitate to develop software. It also estimates the development schedule in months. The development mode for this project is organic because it is a small and straight-forward one. A small team with sufficient experience work together to develop the portal system (Merlo-Schett 2002). COCOMO is defined in terms of three basic models The Basic model, the mediocre model and the detailed model. The KDSI is the size of the project in Kilo delivered source instructions. These are source lines that are created by the project team. Using the Intermediate COCOMO I, calculation is done as followsRequired Portal system for online payment and bookingDevelopment labor (MM) = a * KDSI bEffort and develo pment Time (TDEV) = 2.5 * MM cWith organic mode of development, a = 3.2, b = 1.05, c = 0.384 modules to implementData entry 0.5 KDSIData update 0.3 KDSIOnline Reservations 0.8 KDSIOnline Payment 0.7 KDSI frame SIZE 2.3 KDSIMM = 3.2 * 2.3 1.05 = 7.7TDEV = 2.5 * MM c = 2.5* 7.7 0.38 = 5.4 (Project needs more than 5 months to complete)Number of people to be hired = MM/TDEV = 7.7/5.4 = 1.4 (This means that more than one team member is essential to execute the project).The major shortcoming of the above calculation is that value of the KDSI used is approximate (Merlo-Schett 2002).Hardware and Software RequirementsAt to the lowest degree four separate computers will be needed for building the portal, testing it and hosting it. Softwares like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Java, PHP, SQL Server and optic Basic .NET will be needed for building the portal. A central server for hosting and managing user connections to the portal will also be required.Work Breakdown StructureWork Breakdown Str ucture shows the stratified decomposition of projects into phases, activities and tasks (Whitten 2001, p.135).SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION1.1 Identify sponsors and stakeholders1.2 Meet with sponsors and stakeholders to clarify system requirements1.3 Produce Software Requirements Specification Draft1.4 Sign-off on software requirementsTECHNOLOGY SPECIFICATION2.1 Determine hardware and software needed for developing the system2.2 Procure hardware and software needed for system development2.3 Set-up hardware and software for useSCOPE anxiety3.1 Develop a written scope statement as a basis for future project decisions3.2 Verify Scope of the Project with sponsors3.3 Perform Scope Change tame to prevent scope creepCOST SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT4.1 Develop an estimate of project cost4.2 Schedule Meeting with Stakeholders to agree on cost and deadline4.3 Receive Payment from Stakeholders4.4 Allocate cost estimates to case-by-case work items4.5 Evaluate actual versus projected schedule4 .6 Control changes to project budget to avoid press release over the budget4.7 Compare actual and budgeted costs4.8 Schedule Development4.9 Schedule Controlmilitary personnel RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PHASE5.1 Identify Project Roles/Conduct Organizational Planning5.2 Determine Skills of People needed to develop system5.3 Determine number of people to work on the project5.4 Recruit Project Team Members5.5 Engage staff with appropriate skills5.6 Develop individual and group skills to enhance project mathematical operationACTIVITY MANAGEMENT PHASE6.1 Develop activity list for project team members6.2 Sub-divide major project deliverables into smaller components6.3 Assign Team Members to tasks and deliverables6.4 Supervise activities within the project team6.5 Evaluate Performance and productivity6.6 Update activity list as necessary6.7 Conduct meetings and review status reports on software developmentPROJECT OFFICE ADMINISTRATION7.1 Attend to daily activities or events concerning the proj ect7.2 General project supervisionPROJECT COMMUNICATIONS8.1 Determine information and communication needs of stakeholders8.2 Provide information to stakeholders in a timely fashion8.3 Put contact details of all team members and stakeholders into the database8.4 Performance reporting to stakeholders through status reports, progress measurement and forecasting8.5 Set up meetings with project team members8.6 Develop status reports for the projectRISK MANAGEMENT9.1 Identify all possible risks within the project and effects on project9.2 narrow steps for responding to threats9.3 Respond to changes in risks during the course of the projectQUALITY MANAGEMENT10.1 Identify quality standards relevant to the project and how to satisfy them10.2 Evaluate overall project performance10.3 Define Quality Assurance Specifications10.4 Code and check the system for compliance with quality standards10.5 Test System to make sure it fits clients requirementsHand-Over of Project11.1 Ensure adherence to client requirement11.2 Conduct Customer Acceptance Tests11.3 check over Software User Manuals11.4 Sign off Certify Solution Development11.5 Submit Project Close-out motif11.6 Terminate ProjectProject scheduling(Please refer to attached Microsoft Project document for dependency between activities, network diagram, critical path and Gantt chart)A Project network diagram displays the logical relationships of project activities. A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that shows tasks against timelines. Each bar is equivalent to a project task. Gantt charts show, tasks that can be performed at the same time (Whitten 2001, p.128).Any tasks on the critical path cannot be delayed. chance upon of Activity DurationStarting DateFinishing DateSoftware Requirement Specification1 Day bind 4/23/08 bind 4/23/08Technology Specification1 DayThu 4/24/08Thu 4/24/08Scope Management10 Days bond 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Cost Schedule Management12 Days splice 4/23/08Thu 5/8/08Human Resources Management Phase8 Days marry 4/23/08Fri 5/2/08Activity Management Phase10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Project Office Administration10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Project Communications10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Risk Management10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Quality Management10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08Hand-Over of Project10 DaysWed 4/23/08Tue 5/6/08 realistic risks related to the software development projectEvery project has its own share of risks. Risks associated with this project are outlined belowThe period of time given for the execution of the project is short. The COCOMO model shows that a project of such magnitude requires at least 5 months for completion. There is a risk of the project particular(a) the time frame allocated by the stakeholders.User requirements may change or expand during the duration of project. There is a risk of having to accommodate changes to the design of the portal. This is known as scope creep and may advert the schedule and budget (Whitten 2001).With the obvious need to procure softwares for the development of the portal system, resources like time and money may not be sufficient.There is a risk of taking short cuts around the system development methodology in order to meet the deadline and not exceed the budget. This might affect the quality of the final product.Another potential risk is that of feature creep. This refers to the uncontrolled addition of technical features to a system that is being developed without regard to schedule and budget (Whitten 2001, p.125). A portal system is a robust application that is designed to fulfill various needs of an organization. The temptation to add more features is always a prevalent riskThere is the risk of a team member resigning from the project. This will cause a considerable loss of time.There is also the risk of insufficient communication within the project team which may lead to misunderstanding of customers requirements, and cause a deviation from the project plan, budget and schedule.Project super viseProject monitoring involves supervising the project throughout its lifecycle. This is important in order to know how things are going and to solve any problem that may arise during the course of the project. This can be done via meetings, emails, reports on progress and finances and also by observing project management best practices. stopping point Applying the principles of Project Management to the development of the portal system at Regency Hotels will go a unyielding way to ensure that the objectives are met on time, within budget and that the software product will be of the desired quality. Project Management is a crucial practice that should be encouraged in every sector of the economy.It ensures that money, energy and time are not wasted on failed projects. With sufficient project management practices in place, stakeholders and contractors can conduct businesses without bothering about the hitches involved with long-term projects. Regardless of the end product, which co uld be a new service, product or knowledge, project management ensures that a successful outcome is achieved within the available resources and time frame.ReferencesWhitten, JL, Bentley, LD, Dittman, KC 2001, Systems Analysis and Design Methods, 5th edn, Mc Graw-Hill, New York.Wheatley, M 2000, The Importance of Project Management, Project Smart. Available from http//www.projectsmart.co.uk/the-importance-of-project-management.html 22 April 2008Sorensen, R 1995, A comparison of Software Development Methodologies, Software Technology jut Centre. Available from http//www.stsc.hill.af.mil/crosstalk/1995/01/Comparis.asp 24 April 2008Duncan, WR 1996, A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMI Standards Committee. Available from www.unipi.gr/akad_tmhm/biom_dioik_tech/files/pmbok.pdf 24 April 2008Merlo-Schett, N 2002, COCOMO Constructive Cost Model, Proceedings of the seminar cost estimation W 2002/2003, pp. 1-24. Available from www.ifi.unizh.ch/req/courses/seminar_ws02/reports/ Slides_4.pdf 22 April 2008.

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Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray Essay Example for Free

Elegy pen in a clownish Churchyard by Thomas Gray EssayThomas Grays poem, Elegy Written in a clownish Churchyard, was first published in 1751. Grays idea of unpolished life as describe in this poem is agrarian and devoted to the land. He talks of the breed turning the sod and of the sickle mowing down the grain. He mentions the plowmen driving their team of draught animals from the fields. He tells of wheat sheds and of people awaking to the crow of the rooster. Gray uses the metaphor of sleep to describe demolition. He says that those asleep no long-run call for the voices of children or the touch and the kisses of those loved ones. He describes death as lending a frozen ear and those dead as no longer hearing a call to honor nor does it hear any words of flattery. Gray comments on the deaths of the rich and powerful, saying that those dead are no repair off than the poor dead rustics. He says that the fact that the rich mans bones are in some fine urn does not allo w him to enjoy his mansion any more than the sodbuster enjoys the humble earth in which his bones are placed. Gray takes on the issue of class as a rhetorical device to get his point across that the rewards for both are equal and that death is a leveler of the playing field. He impresses upon the reader the fact that in the humble performyard may deception the remains of a life that had potential for greatness. He says that many sweet blossoms bloom, live and crumble to frame unseen and unknown by anyone. If I were to be lying in the graveyard of the country church I would like to have Gray say of me that I was a friend of heaven, of course, and that I motto and enjoyed the dawns of my days and lived my life to the fullest. Now that I am dead left me sleep in peace of mind and forgive and forget the frailties I displayed on earth. Works Cited Gray, T. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard 1751