Monday, June 10, 2019

Creativity and Critical Thinking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Creativity and Critical Thinking - Research Paper ExampleWhen British eclipsers enacted the Rowlett Act, he opposed the law tooth and nail through fasting and Satyagraha (enforcement of truth) a totally new way of protest against mighty rulers indeed After imprisonment, the government was forced to free him from the prison due to multitudes pressure. In 1930, he marched over 200 miles with his supporters tens of thousands of people kept on joining him for the seashore town Dandi where he produced salt breaking foul Salt laws enacted by the British government. The movement came to be known as a largest civil disobedience movement during the time that shook the pillars of British rule in India.Gandhi led the independence movement through nonviolent means until British rulers left India in 1947. Gandhis experiments with truth and nonviolence are unequaled and speak about his creativity and critical thinking on the path that may appear arduous and impossible at the first instance precisely still the fact remains that later his philosophy was increasingly adopted and followed by many prominent leaders such as Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela successfully for virtuous cause of the

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