Friday, June 14, 2019

Critical analysis of Yemens current Military Capabilities Research Paper

Critical analysis of Yemens current Military Capabilities - Research Paper ExampleThe Yemen traces has demonstrated that it follows the basic doctrine of the Yemen armed forces. The military uses different weapons, artilleries and ballistic missile, during the wars and conflicts to reduce the strength and fighting capabilities of the rivals. The military doctrine of Yemen shows that the armed forces have compulsory reserve training for several specialist groups. later the civil war a series of proclamations was issues by the Councils of Ministers in 1994 that provide the guidelines for the organization of the armed forces and the allocation of the authorities to different personnel (Nation Master, 2010). The military of Yemen has been divide in two three branches including phalanx, navy and air force. The warfare proficiency of these three branches of Yemen army is discussed belowThe Yemen air force has been given the name al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Yamaniya. The army was created i n 1926 however the unified air force was created in 1990 after the unification of South and North Yemen. Since its establishment in 1926 the air force has stock several weapons from different western and gulf region countries (Damen, 2008). The northern Yemen Arab Republic Air Force (YARAF) got MiG-15, MiG-17 MiG-21s from Russia and F-5E and F-5B and two C-130H Hercules Transport aircraft from Saudi Arab. The Southern air force got BAC 167 Strike master Mk81s, DHC-2 Beavers, Jet Provost Mk52As and Bell 47G helicopters from the British government.The Yemen air force employs 3500 personnel. An air defense force is also included in the Yemen air force. afterwards the union of the south and north Yemen, the navy is more focused towards getting more MiG-29s. It has modified the MiG-29s that could attach air as well as refine targets. These equipments have proved their significance in the fight against terrorism and Sahda conflict. In 2004, Yemen received first MiG-29SMT whereas two MiG -29UBs are also modified to postulate them to the SMT standards. The

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