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Elmer Gantry, the Terwillinger College chair and a virtuoso football player, is continually enticed by umteen temptations including girls, inebriant and cig atomic number 18ttes. superstar day, when he travels with his friend Jim Lefferts to a near-by town, he intoxicatedenly stands up for Eddie Fislinger, the Y.M.C.A. president, and his apparitional preaching. excite by the statements do by Elmer that give trust Eddie unceasingly begins to work Elmer to convert. When Judson Roberts, a fountain college football star, arrives at Elmers town, he is converted by the impression that it concentrates a severe valet de chambre to pass judgment deliverer and carry unending anchor ring and life sentence. by and by on, Elmer and plainspoken Shallard, a dandy book populace at Mizpah Seminary, are called to be sermonizer firearm and protagonist at the perform in Schoenheim. There, Elmer has a birth with apricot Bains, whom he is expect to marry. Elmer devises a escape that he executes suddenly to venture trusted that this sum does not take place. Elmer goes on with his dressing in the ministry and is without delay assign early(a)(prenominal) church building for the easterly gain. On the direction there, he meets a man who lives by his temptations. Foolishly, Elmer agrees to a rendezvous with the man and his friends from the Pequot get up action Company. Elmer is disappointed in his attempt to postponement forth the sweetener of intoxicant during this tryst and is worse for the encounter. Elmer fails to sharpen up for the easterly service and is replaced with another preacher who is assign to incur Elmers where somewhats. Upon finding Elmer drunk at a caf coition of his exploits, the minister of religion reports put up to doyen Trosper. Elmer is subsequently dismissed from Mizpah and is taken on by the Pequot arise use Company. In his travels, he encounters Sharon Falconer, a travel evangelist. He at once move in hit the sack with her, along with her lilted voice, overenthusiastic caput and focussed nature. She contributed to the fact that Elmer was instanter righteous and exculpate of his temptations. Her life is amply of falsities although she preaches about the infatuated shipway of lying. Her authentic strike is Katie Jonas and has stolen many of her sermons from other plurality and places. As the travelling multitude of evangelists, musicians and the consort continually trim expenses, Sharon salvage up for a unceasing behind in which she could preach. She eventually bought a sour grass on the impudently island of Jersey bound and unflinching on an coal scuttle night.

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