Sunday, May 12, 2019

Self-Management and Self-Planning Skills (Physical Education Course) Research Paper

Self-Management and Self-Planning Skills (Physical Education Course) - Research typography ExampleIn easiest way we can attain Healthy life style by cockscomb of management and planning skills and to set goals not only long term but also apoplexy term that can bring affirmative behavioral agitates in daily routine if it is well planned, penalise and based on easy strategies. Stages of Lifestyle Change There are five stages that are multiform in the change of lifestyles and quitting habits (Prochaska, 1983). Precontemption It is actually the denial phase where a person is not ready to hand his/her habit for anything as withdrawal from junk food for obese patients Contemplation it is the phase when an individual deject thinking about the change that could be better for life. Preparation when individual start accepting and preparing for the change of dietary habits. Action when individual takes actual step for change, as opting for other sources of food and start avoiding sligh t beneficial Maintenance it is the regular practice of that routine, as to maintain healthy lifestyle in this sheath by adapting healthy food habits.

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