Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Comparing Beggar Woman by William King and To His Coy Mistress by Andre

Comparing Beggar Woman by William King and To His Coy Mistress by Andrew MarvellBeggar Woman(William King) and To His Coy Mistress(Andrew Marvell) be two poems scripted in the 17th century when society was verydifferent to how it is today women had no status, rights, orindependence. All aspects of society were male dominated, they ruled,and so all laws and acts were in the favour of males. The poems aregreat examples of how society was when they were written, they alsomirror the roles each gender played in the various aspect of life, themales active and controlling, the women passive, and they had to becompliant.At the beginning of this poem, there is a description of a gentlemanout hunting, which is an upper class activity, as they are the onlypeople who could afford to bear part in such an expensive activity,also by the fact he is described as a Gentleman suggests he belongsto the upper class or Gentry. The Gentleman spots the BeggarWoman and she is described as game, because real ly to the man thatis all she (the Beggar Woman) is, due to her gender and social status.When he wants the Beggar Womans attention he addresses her asmistress which shows respect, yet not so much as to call her a lady,just enough to keep on the right side of her until he gets what hewants, I think. The man then proceeds to issue commands to the lady,due to his class and gender this, at this period in time was sociallyaccepted. The man thinks that the char is going to give him what hewants, sex however, the situation he is left with the end is verydifferent to the outcome he hoped, and from his view, probablyconsiderably greater commitment than he had hoped for. Aside for theobvio... ...ionship,both women I assume, would rather not be in their respectivepositions. Many of the attitudes expressed in the poem areunderstandable such as the Beggar Womans views, as shown at the endof The Beggar Woman may have been revolutionary and uproarious atthe time, are like a shot seen as the corr ect and fair way to do things.However this is the only view in the poem I detect acceptable, the restI find dated such as, as I have explained the class divide, and alsothe sexual inequalities, women being treated as a inferior speciesalmost. Still many a(prenominal) of the views etc. expressed in these poems areapplicable today, the Carpe Diem attitude is still adopted, ratherfoolishly I think, by many young people. The modern lector of the poemshould learn from the way some things were how not to do things again,to learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

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