Thursday, May 9, 2019

Business Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Marketing - Essay ExampleAmong this two, the marketers mainly use the concept of adaption i.e. changing the product according to needs of the customers belonging to different countries as various major companies have failed imputable to use of the straight extension policy. One of such examples could be Google Inc. Google entered in the year 2007 and became one of the steer att remainder engines in the Chinese market. However, Google had been using the same marketing mix in China also. The net income content in China was heavily censored by the government and soon the problems in the stool of delays lead to customer dissatisfaction and Google started to lose market sh ar. To make things worse for the company, Google started facing competition from local search engine company Baidu. Google tried to censor the contents but it turned out to be a bit too late and Google had to leave the country. This case shows how of the essence(predicate) the external environmental facto rs are important in case of world-wide marketing and how neglecting those factors can lead to heavy prices (Czinzota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova & Marinov, 2009, pp. 423-429). Answer-2 Intermediaries are the channel partners that dish out the marketers to reach out to customers. Intermediaries are mainly middle men like wholesalers, retailer, etc (Kotler, 2001, p. 25). From the point of view of the marketers intermediaries are of great help when it comes to market expansion and customer reach. Intermediaries help the marketers to reach to different customers within a relatively short period of time. The intermediaries like wholesalers and retailers help the marketers in breaking the bulk and selling the end product to the customers. Without the help of the intermediaries it would be extremely difficult to reach to the customers on their own. Also sometimes intermediaries whitethorn actually have better knowledge of a certain section of the market as compared to the marketers. so the marketers can actually use the knowledge and expertise of the intermediaries to gain customer insights. Also in some cases the reputations of the intermediaries help the marketers in case of promoting the product. The importances of the intermediaries become even more important in international marketing. In case of international marketing the marketers operate in alien conditions. The brand awareness of the marketers in the international market is very low. Also the marketers have little insight and knowledge nigh the customers. If the marketers would odor to perpetrate directly in the market it could prove to be of great risks due to the facts mentioned above. Hence, most of the times the marketers look for joint ventures or strategic alliance with some local firms. These firms usually have good insights about the local market. This allows the company to use the marketing and sales of the local firm. In this way the intermediaries help the marketers in cost as well as in risk reduction (Henry, 2008, p. 89). One of the major concerns in case of the use of the intermediaries for the marketers has been the issue off control. On numerous

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