Monday, May 13, 2019

Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Articles - Essay ExampleThe penalties also implement to cases of full time employees only. Amount of cover may also vary across industries and penalties for non-compliance are write down than coverage costs. The policy therefore has strength of establishing minimum requirements for employer coverage but it lacks strong mechanisms for enforcement. It is however apt(predicate) to promote employer coverage because of the legal environment and employers need for a positive image (Wojcik, 2013).The authors define managed address as a set of initiatives for organizing, managing, implementing, and evaluating keeping that targets a specific group. The accusation approach eliminates duplication of bring off initiatives and reduces cost of feel for. In addition, managed care focuses needs to ensure delivery of appropriate services at the function time. Changes in the legal and technological environment has however complicated the scope of care and led to outgrowth of managed care mod el. The model identifies possible interactions between factors to care provision and advocates for management so that all factors to care support each other. In addition, the model focuses on the patient and incorporates all stakeholders and environmental factors, and their potential influences on care delivery. The managed care and the model have the strength of focusing on the patients for efficient and effective care but face the challenge of complexity because of the numerous involved factors. It however offers an opportunity for improved care (Linsley and Morton,

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