Friday, May 24, 2019

Evaluation of my ICT Database, Spreadsheet and Newsletter

Health and SafetyI followed the school rules, and didnt bring both regimen/drink into any computing device rooms that could be damaging the electrical appliances if any beverages split on it. I didnt bring my bag or coat into the classroom to reduce chance of someone tripping over, and I made sure that all wires were safely under my desk so that no-one could trip over them. When it was sunny and I was sat facing a computer I made sure that the blinds were closed so that I didnt get a headache. When I had a double lesson we had a 5minute break between the 2 periods. This was to reduce chances of getting a headache, poor circulation or even backache.I change my chairs height so that my eyes were at the same level as the screen to reduce eye strain. I watched out for any trailing cables from the mouse or headphones and I use wrist rests to prevent RSI.SecurityI made sure that I never told anyone my password, or that I didnt write it down so that no one could alter my work in any w ay, or delete it. I had no earnings access so no viruses could be downloaded. I saved my work regularly just in case of a power cut, or if I knocked the wires, or if some new(prenominal)wise thing happened. My work was regularly backed up, every night, and saved on an external hard-drive. I followed safe, healthy and secure functional times at all times. I can load softwargon and save work in folders without help. I can also print, and use the computer network without aid. infobase evaluationFieldsFirstly, I consume 13 field in my database, but to improve I could add more Yes/No fields such as free flight meal, room service, etc. Also, the lengths of fields, in the table view, were not restricted. This leads to memory loss which could be a vital aspect later on. To make improvements I made sure that I utilize a field restriction from 255 to 75. A good menstruation of the fields in my database is that Date/Time (departure, arrival) fields used a NN/NN/NN format. (N meaning n umber) This saves the user from having to write out the date, this could also lead to human error.Data EntryI have many types of data entry, such as Currency, Text, Date/Time, fleck, Yes/No. I have used all the data entry types that I think fit this task.ValidationI used a range check on my Number of People, Reference Number, etc. To make sure that only a certain number can be entered.FormsMy colour scheme for my database is colourful, but not overly bright. I fatiguet feel the need to improve my colour scheme as its very basic. The font I used is easier to assume and is adequately sized. in that respect are advantages in using a form, for example you dont need to scroll down to view all the table, this could prevent RSI, because they isnt a need to scroll down/up.SortsI sorted my spend dates in order to make it easier to find holidays closer to the current date.SearchesI did searches on holidays with cruises. By using a search, it was quicker and easier to find the holidays that catered for my specific holiday. The searches would be very useful to a working company as it would be much quicker to fin d a holiday to a certain specification. I also did advanced search to find specific manner of speaking to do with my holiday.ReportsMy discover was organised into the type of country, then the destination. The size of the fields allowed all, if not the majority, of instruction to be displayed and the information is set out quite simply. The report is much easier to bring than in a table because you dont have to scroll down or anything. However, some of the fields have creation cut of the edge. I could do other reports based on the prices of holidays, etc.Spread tatter EvaluationLayout and DataThe labels of my different fields are crystallise and easily understandable. The data I have included in realistic and I know this because I used a travel website as a guideline so that it was easier for me to do mine. And I also went to a travel agency and the y showed me theyre website and some of the features I could use in mine. The cell merge was used when starting how many in a group. I have used grids to separate severally bit of the spread sheet, so people dont get confused about where the information is supposed to be. I could have used extra labels such as the type of holiday each is or whether there are disabled facilities.FormulasIn my spread sheet, there is automatic recalculation if data changes, as shown in my What If Investigations. This is helpful if there is a fast change in hotel represents as it automatically recalculates the total cost. The calculations are also accurate and do not need checking. To improve, I could use other formulas such as a count or use a 3d cell reference.Realistic Data and OutcomesAll my prices, including the cost of the hotel extras and the cost of the different travel options, were realistic. I know this because I used a number of websites to get ideas for the right price and averaged the c ost. To make the data more realistic, I should use the same website to find out all the guide prices.General Advantages or DisadvantagesUsing a spread sheet saves time when searching for data. The prices of my holidays are easy to find and realistic. The graphs I used make the different data for the different holidays come together in one easy to find place. The information that needs to be found can be found quickly with no hassle.Future DevelopmentsThere are other spreadsheets that could be useful to the company. There could be a spread sheet that shows the different costs of different airline companies or train companies to find out the cheapest way to get to your destination.I could also add in other sheets to the spreadsheet I have already, like a sheet displaying the discounts available of each holiday or a sheet showing the cost of a holiday to each destination for one adult, two adults, three adults etc.Newsletter EvaluationGood PointsI tot up with some of the points given, but I disagree with others. I agree that the use of my variety of fonts and use of techniques such as centred, underlining, bold which added empathy to my information. I have displayed the prices in an captivate manner, with techniques such as bold, underlining. I think the theme I used for my newssheet fits well with the Holiday theme because its not dark. My newsletter is more appealing to Adults, because of the cruise.Bad PointsThere are some bad points, or points that I think need improving about my newsletter. I could of used more auto shapes to add more depth to my newsletter, it looks plain. The pictures I added to my master page are a little too small, although they are set of in a good way. Also the writing size I have chosen is too small to read. The colours I have used do not over-whelm the reader, its very plain and easily read despite the size of the font.ImprovementsTo improve my newsletter I need to do the following- I could change the colour of my existing table s so that they fit the colour scheme throughout my pages in my newsletter. I could make the font bigger so that the read wouldnt have any trouble in reading the information I have put in my newsletter. I could increase the size of my master-page images so that they are easily viewed, since that is one of the main features of my newsletter. I could use different customized bullet points, since I havent added any bullet points in my newsletter.PowerPoint EvaluationGood PointsI agree with some points made and, again, I disagree with some. I agree that the colour scheme I have used is appropriate to the target audience, its quite sophisticated. I have not used headers and footers this would of being easier to give the powerpoint slides specific titles so the reader could easily identify the holiday they want to look at. My pictures are a adequate size, and the positioning is good. I used different fonts and techniques to make my powerpoint more interesting to the reader.Bad PointsOn th e other hand, there are some bad points about my powerpoint- I didnt use coloured text, which would of made it more interesting. I havent used headers and footers (explained in good points.)ImprovementsTo improve my powerpoint I could- Put colour on my text, to make the readers more interested. I could put headers and footers so the reader knows straight past what type of holiday this is.

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