Thursday, May 2, 2019

Development of Research Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

victimisation of Research Questions - Essay ExampleThis study has therefore posed a broad based primal research question as followsIn order to arrive at meaningful answers to this research question, a qualitative questionnaire survey approach is proposed. This method of inquiry appears to be best suited to answer the main research question posed above, because such a questionnaire directed towards reason juvenile prison inmates would alleviate to elicit their first hand views on the nature of the prison programs. Since the questionnaire would also seek to determine what the former(prenominal) inmates are engaged in presently, it would also help in providing some insight into how many of them realise been able to move into a gainful existence in terms of employment or education. This would also provide a means of inferring whether the prison programs those former inmates experienced were effective or not.If the survey questionnaire is to conk out effectively in answering the research question, it must also contain questions that can elicit education on some other aspects. Firstly, the questionnaire must contain demographic information, such as the age and trip out of the respondent, as well as their current occupation and education levels. Secondly, the questionnaire should also seek to determine whether these former juvenile inmates have committed crimes after their release from prison. Thirdly, the questionnaire should also attempt to determine why they chose to traumatise again, if they had pursued that path. Research has suggested that while the experience of incarceration does place juvenile inmates into a position of cookery to accept positive changes and modify their conduct, prison fails to provide these inmates with the skills they need to bring about these changes (Ashker & Kenny, 2008). Their opinions and views of the prison programs impart have to be determined, to arrive at inferences about whether or not they found these

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