Saturday, May 11, 2019

Executive Dilemmas in the Information Age Assignment

Executive Dilemmas in the learning Age - Assignment ExampleCEOs strive for clarity of their visions for an organization and this clarity influence behavior of employees towards advancement of the goals of their organizations. CEOs also exercise authority in communicating their expectations of employees in order to help them act in stemma with the desired organizations culture (Baltzan, 2013). Modeling is an burdenive way in which CEOs effect desired changes and maintain good patterns of behavior. A CEO, for example, recommends and implements ways of rewarding and encouraging behaviors that are in line with an organizations culture.Technology enhances the efficiency and productivity of the systems of organizations from all industries and executives from non-technical industries need to be aware of how to capitalize on this advantage. The awareness of technology can help executives from non-technological industries to employ the technology appropriate in percentage customers inter act better with the organization. Executives from non-technological industries need to worry about technology because of its potential to hasten the pace of organizational change lest they lose control of the direction of change (Tsai, 2003).Technology is highly dynamic and subsequent technological advancements pose new challenges and opportunities to businesses. Continuous learning alerts executives on indications of such challenges and opportunities and helps them device response course of action. Additionally, beingness dynamic with technological knowledge would help executives make decisions about how much resources should be allocated to technology. Advancement in technology causes changes in the cost of purchasing and maintaining technological equipment and without knowledge of these changes, executives can either overspend or under-spend. Decisions regarding technological sustainability require executives to have current

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