Monday, August 12, 2019

Reflection Paper ( Business Ethics for Leaders ) Case Study

Reflection Paper ( Business Ethics for Leaders ) - Case Study Example In the given case of Pinto Fires, the questions have been answered in a broader context. There are possibilities that some of the steps of decision making process may not be incorporated directly, but it will be ensured that their core essence remains implicit while reaching at the conclusion. In my personal opinion, the philosophical approach adopted by recall coordinator in his recommendation to continue with the production of the Pinto is Relativism. According to this ethical theory, it is not necessary that moral values of one person must coincide with the moral values of the other person. A particular instance may be ethically valued to a particular person but it does not mean that the other person should agree with that decision. In this particular case of Pinto Fires, what recall coordinator and Ford company thought was totally related to their own interest. As part of the company policy, Ford needed to launch such a model in automobile industry which could perform better than competitor’s models in terms of market share, competition and profitability. The element which was not a concerning issue to Ford, was the safety measures for its users. Having car accidents in the country is not something for which the company can be accused liable; neither it’s a worrisome issue for automobile companies. Normally drivers of cars are found guilty of negligence while driving car in a reckless manner. Since it is a normal practice for an automobile company to launch a model which is free of any fault, but that was not the case with Ford’s newly launched model, Pinto. At the time of crash testing eight out of eleven units of the Pinto went through deadly destructions. Despite of being aware of this shocking fault in the fuel tank of Pinto, yet the company decided to commence its commercial production. Since safety was not the top most priority of the company, it resulted in heavy destructions of the cars, increment in number of accidents, and above all the

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