Monday, August 26, 2019

Maintaining safe classrooms and schools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Maintaining safe classrooms and schools - Essay Example They further declared that the best way to deal with the issue is to look at the broader spectrum of the matter and involved the whole community namely: faith-based groups, law enforcers, businesses, parents, students and school personnel in finding solutions (Pollack & Sundermann 2001). According to safe school coalition, bullying is an act of aggression, in form of physical attack, verbal and psychological behavior that is repeatedly and constantly done with the intent of harming an individual. It can be described as power display (Hafner 2003). In the year 2003 the state of California has made progress in addressing school bullying and violence by drafting a Bill called â€Å"Bullying Prevention for School Safety and Crime Reduction Act of 2003†. It has passed the Assembly and the Senate and finally was approved by the Governor in October of that same year ( It is defined in Article: 3 School Safety Cadre. Here is the summary of the article: It will be established within the whole state, a cadre that would ensure collaboration of all agencies to combat and end school bullying. Its aim is to improve school attendance and to promote good citizenry. It will employ 100 professionals from the education bureau, community-based groups, and law enforcement group. This joint venture will be responsible for training staff, equipping representatives to make them qualified to initiate school safety programs in all districts, youth agencies, county education offices and law enforcement in each region ( Maintaining school safety is responsibility of the whole community. Policies are clearly outlined to be followed and implemented at schools and community. Contrary to the notion that our children are no longer safe in schools, according to U.S. Department of Education and U.S.

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