Friday, August 23, 2019

Meeting stakeholder and quality needs Research Paper

Meeting stakeholder and quality needs - Research Paper Example All these people play different roles and have different expectations. The managers make decisions, plan, organise and control the operations of the organisation and are accountable to the shareholders or the owners. The employees or staffs such as the pharmacists offer their skilled services to the patients for a salary or an agreed wage. Such services improve quality care and enhance patient safety and as such serve as a touch point for healthcare information for the hospitals as well as the patients. The patients on the other hand are among the key stakeholders for hospitals as they seek medical services expecting quality and affordable treatment. If the hospitals fail to meet the expectations of the patients, they are bound to fail. Other stakeholders include the suppliers who deliver products to hospitals as well as the community members who make up the largest percentage of the patients as well as the government who effect policies, rules and legislations which protect all the stakeholders (Heidi et al 20). Communication is vital in keeping the stakeholders satisfied. Always engage with the stakeholders to understand their concerns and the best way to address them. Communication breakdown may cause frustration and as such the stakeholders may lose their confidence in the organisation. Proper communication ensures that the stakeholders feel valued and that their interests are being looked out for. The primary goal of successful communications approach is to manage and eliminate surprises. It is advisable to manage the information stakeholders get, as well as their perception and communicate the feedback expected to deliver in the organisation. As such, a communications planning matrix will take stakeholders analysis and identify each stakeholder’s roles, what needs to be communicated and the expected feedback (Heidi et al 29). Setting up regular meetings is of essence

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