Thursday, August 29, 2019

Am I an etrepreneur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Am I an etrepreneur - Essay Example Entrepreneurs will gather resources and take the risk of investing these resources into a venture that they are not certain will bring profits, and this is what will cut them out from just normal business people. Creativity and innovation are paramount for entrepreneurs as creativity enables them to develop, and discover new ways of bringing solutions while innovation gives them the ability to apply creative solutions to problems and openings in their effort to enhance peoples’ lives and make profits. Entrepreneurship will entail the actions taken by entrepreneurs to bring about change and to attain financial benefits and the satisfaction that something was changed for the better. Entrepreneurship will also entail the act of creating something after seeing an opportunity, shaping a goal to be achieved and taking advantage of the situation in order to make profits (Gilbert, 2006). The entrepreneur or the person with the idea will then plan, persuade and raise the capital needed to initiate the business from where he will run the business to ensure success. For entrepreneurs to be deemed as successful various characteristics are required, which will play a crucial role in determining their entrepreneurial success. Personally, as an entrepreneur, I have realized that I have the required skills and knowledge needed to become successful in the banking sector. I have engaged in various activities that have proved to me that I can be rich and successful as it has been my long term goal to be rich and retain control of my ventures (Gilbert, 2006). At a tender age, I engaged in various money raising ventures that have enabled me to cater for my personal needs and also save a lot. In fifth grade, I made profits from noticing that students were carrying snacks to school, and there was only one canteen in school that was unable to attend to the needs of the whole school. Being a member of the business club in school, I developed the idea that we could start our own canteen, where we could employ one person to run the business. Other students supp orted the idea, and we proposed the idea to the school administration, which was reluctant to accept it, but finally did after we convinced them that it would not interfere with our studies. We collected start up from membership fees that were charged for admission into the business club from where we started the venture. Profits from the canteen were used to expand the venture and by the time I was clearing school the canteen had grown and all members had benefited from it, and the whole school had also benefited from readily available snack. I have ever since acquired the skills of seeing an idea and investing in it in order to gain and benefit those who what I serve. As an entrepreneur, I have acquired the skill and knowledge of examining needs, wants and problems to see how I can bring solutions or improve how they are solved in the existing ways (Hamm, 2002). I have the skill off narrowing all the possible opportunities into one specific opportunity which carries more weight or is more probable to bring profits. I am innovative and come up with creative ideas to solutions of needs of people, and

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