Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Marketing Dunkin Donuts Essay

Dunkin Donuts builds long term customer relationships by being consistent with their marketing strategy. They have maintained an everyday value since they opened their doors fifty years ago. They have met their customers’ expectations by not changing recipes. The coffee tastes the same no matter what store you go into. Dunkin Donuts also has a lengthy training class so they can maintain their quality in the kitchen as well as customer service. Dunkin Donuts maintains customer relations by fully meeting the customers’ expectations. When a customer enters a store they know exactly what to expect, no surprises or disappointments. Dunkin Donuts value proposition is value and quality. Dunkin Donuts has always made their products a value. Starbucks has the expensive coffee; Dunkin Donuts has the value coffee. Dunkin Donuts has also maintained their quality as well. They have kept the same ingredients and recipes; everything tastes the same as fifty years ago. By maintain the quality and value the customer knows exactly what to expect when he or she walks through the door. Dunkin Donuts is growing its share of customers. Dunkin Donuts has maintained its coffee and donuts, but has also grown with the times to gain more customers. Dunkin Donuts now offers a variety of coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and iced coffees. The company also sells breakfast sandwiches and cookies too. The coffee is mostly what keeps customers coming back for more, but now there is more of a variety to please everyone.

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