Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Media history research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media history research paper - Essay Example Five categories of media were used in the interview namely sound recording, radio, television, movies, and print. Each category would be discussed later on in the paper together. (Name of interviewee) owned a magnetic tape and tape recorder which he used for listening to his favorite tracks. It was found in his living room. He also had a phonograph which he got from his grandfather. He said he was fascinated with the phonograph since it was the very first recorder ever invented. On top of that, Benjamin Franklin was the one who started it all so he appreciated so much the presence of the phonograph from his grandparents’ home before he got the phonograph. During the 1940s according to him, the famous songs were Run Rabbit Run and Were Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line  by Flanagan and Allen, Lili Marlene  by Anne Shelton, Jukebox Saturday Night  by Glenn Miller & his orchestra, The Blackout Stroll  by Joe Loss & His Band, Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens   by Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5 and Youre Driving Me Crazy by Charlie & his orchestra. Radio was still popular way back in the 1940s according to (name of interviewee). Television was already gaining popularity but many people still preferred to listen to the radio. He was able to remember how radio became a free medium and turned the music industry to the next level because more advertising can be done while people can freely enjoy the music. Some companies even did not allow their start to appear on radio. He also observed how the recordings became not very popular and lost some profits because of the booming business in radio. The interviewee cannot forget how the radio started in 1940 so he even shared some significant events: FM radio was demonstrated for the FFC the very first time, Fireside chat was broadcasted on National Defense and National Security and Charles de Gaulle, a general and

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