Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 8

Business Plan - Essay Example The company intends to incorporate information technology into the marketing strategies adopted by companies to gain a competitive advantage. To offer marketing services through clear-cut information systems. To be an effective information technology company that offers operational management services in relation to marketing processes. The company will strive to create a broad consumer base by improving the marketing strategies adopted by companies. The primary reason for writing this business plan is to convince our prospective clients to utilize the operational management services offered by the company. The company plans to provide information technology services to companies to improve the marketing strategies adopted. The company is concerned with formulating ways to improve productivity through effective marketing strategies. The first part of the business plan is the company description. The business plan contains an in-depth analysis of the company to explain that it is a reliable information technology company. The products and services provided by the company are also outlined in the business plan. This section describes the benefits of the services offered by the company to its clients. The business plan is concluded by an overview of the operations and management functions of the company. The business plan does not include an appendix, market analysis, or financial analysis. The reason for such omissions is attributable to the fact that the company is still new. It has not been in existence for a significant amount of time to establish the market and financial performance. However, the service description and operations and management segment provide all the relevant information about the company and the set objectives. Techmark is a limited liability corporation that focuses on providing operational management services in relation to marketing.

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