Sunday, July 28, 2019

Management communcation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management communcation - Assignment Example on the cultural considerations for doing business in Japan, as per your request, we established that Japanese companies’ appraise upholding harmony and excellent reputation with customers and the community in general. Of all facets of handling the Japanese, communication complexities cause the biggest dilemma. Exceptional distinction and subtlety typifies Japanese communication. Where how an individual appears, what he or she publicly states and what he or she thinks are frequently poles apart. In essence, it is challenging for a foreigner to understand these baffling paradoxes. Needless to say, everything should be inquired to assure achievement of clear understanding. In reference to Locker and Kiensler (2010), Japanese treasure sitting in silence and calmness (p. 132). In times of difficulty or stress in meetings, Japanese recourse to sitting in silence to release nervousness in the room and give room for people to move away from the difficulty. In addition, the Japanese minimally use body language. This makes an untrained observer to understand. Japanese use body language to indicate attributes such as respect, confidence, agreement, interest and emotional participation. Though eye contact is an indication of attention, Locker and Kiensler (2010) denote that the Japanese show respect by lowering their eyes when speaking to superiors (p. 132). Though Japan is a small country, with a dense population, it encourages cohesiveness and politeness. This helps them avoid conflicts and uphold harmony. From the research, we established that Japanese are naturally group oriented. At the beginning of a new day, many firms in Japan have a group meeting aimed at building harmony and team spirit, and employees can do calisthenics together. A Japanese group identifies the sources of problems in the firm and tries to solve it as a team. Culturally Japan values patience, politeness, hard work, honesty, affiliation and team work. Different cultural settings have different

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