Thursday, July 25, 2019

Western Civilization Vs their Colonies Civilization Essay

Western Civilization Vs their Colonies Civilization - Essay Example Western Civilization Vs their Colonies Civilization The main objective of this essay is to deliberate on the claim without biasness and give backing of the arguments with documented information. Other sectors argue that science and technology become the rulers of the world rather than agriculture and survival; is this civilization or modernization2. Humans have been in existence for over a million years yet civilization is only 5000 years old. According to Global Hegemony and the rise of technology3, technology becomes a necessity for economic requirements and this seems to support the claim of the western Europeans that they were more civilized. According to Carlyle, industrialization becomes the victory of man over nature. To an extent this purported claim and made the British feel superior that others and imposed their beliefs on others. As their technologies grow the European forcibly put down others civilizations if they did not agree to their ways. This put a pose or question mark on the civilization claim of the European since civilization is supposed to be a good thing why forced others. The approach of the western European to force other on civilization brought more question on their intent than purpose. The European has assisted in the transportation system, communication and other aspect of technology; however, they borrowed the concepts from others such as Asians and even some from part of Africa such as Egypt. This borrowing makes it difficult to whole heartedly give the Western European all the credits about the civilization in their colonies. Iraq, India, China, Egypt, Central America and then the Barbarian West are all credited for the civilization growth in the world. Why would Western European claim that they were more superior yet they borrowed their technologies? It is in order to conclude that they were more civilized; however, wrong to purport that others were uncivilized. The civilization the European claim so much is a bout the development of cities; however, civilization is broader than the cities and claiming technologies overtook agriculture and survival negate the definition of civilization. The above arguments do not dispute the claim that European were civilized than their colonies but emphasize the understanding of civilization. Further more, it their give a chance to reflect between civilization and modernization4. The two are clearly different one is based on technology advancement the other focuses more on the living jointly and cooperatively. A swing had happened as an effect of the industrial revolution. Asian civilizations, like China, Africa civilization, like Egypt and other civilizations, which were once considered impressive and steady5. European countries or nations viewed the earth or universe through the aspect of technology and disregarded any consideration for civilization. As their technology advanced, Europeans expanded to other nations in order to spread their superior ideas and inventions. When civilization is considered in regards to Afric a; Western European were more advanced technology wise. The European considered Africa culture as devoid of technology and primitive. If Africa had the resources as the Western or other nations would they be considered primitive? Opportunities and resources facilitated the civilization or technology advancement of the Western6. When we consider the definition of

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