Wednesday, July 24, 2019

MCA Denver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MCA Denver - Essay Example 2). The museum hosts exhibitions throughout the year and is an ideal meeting place for visitors and art enthusiasts to interact with the artists. Image 1: Fancy Work- Colonial Wall Sconce Currently, the MCA Denver museum is hosting an exhibition entitled, â€Å"Allison Smith: Piece Work,† which is a compilation of sculptures, braided rugs, and paintings by the noted Oakland-based artist (â€Å"Allison Smith: Piece Work,† par. 1). The artist has been praised for encouraging group participation with the visitors to learn the art of making braided rugs while they engage in discussions about the ancient wars. The artist has shown altruistic attitude by encouraging the public to learn arts and crafts, while sharing opinions about the brutal nature of war that leaves nothing but wounds, scars, and fatalities. One of the most conspicuous pieces of artwork by Allison Smith shows â€Å"Fancy Work- Colonial Wall Sconce,† which is a brilliant handmade wall sconce comprising steel, blown glass, acrylic mirror Plexiglas, and mixed media (â€Å"Allison Smith: Piece Work,† par. 3). The colors used in the braided rug pattern are appealing, and the mirrors reflect the light falling on their exotic placement.

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