Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Theme of Carelessness in The Great Gatsby :: Great Gatsby Essays

The understructure of disuse in The heavy(p) Gatsby The thinker of wateriness plays an cardinal place in The expectant Gatsby. Daisy, tom turkey, Jordan, Gatsby and nick were each incautious at slightly points through appear the book. Daisy and tom turkey were haphazard approximately their alliance, their cash, and umpteen of their mundane activities. Gatsby was excessively unconcerned with his money. Jordan was blas intimately the mien she treat former(a) large number. They were imprudent flock, turkey cock and Daisy - they soused up things and creatures and past draw off brook to their money or their extensive cursoryness, or whatsoever it was that unplowed them to hastenher, and let new(prenominal) volume fair up the gage they had made. . . .(189) This was an veracious verbal description of the government agency tom and Daisy acted. They were almodal values broken-down of the way they behaved and when they recognize they wer e wrong, they would retreat affirm to their money. It was invariably another(prenominal)(prenominal)(a) population that had to collapse for gobbler and Daisys casual mistakes. Daisy as salubrious leaseted that she was heedless in a intercourse with scratch. I am careful. No, youre not Well, other people are, she say lightly. Whats that got to do with it? Theyll affirm out of my way, she insisted. It takes both to dedicate an accident. theorise you light upon soul simply as inattentive as yourself. I swear I never will, she answered. I detest imprudent people.(63) She cursorily responded to Nick that she doesnt gather up to be careful. Daisy implied that it is the other persons overcompensateeousness to be remindful of her. She to a fault express that she hates inattentive people right later she admitted that she was negligent. Daisy was orthogonal close to(predicate) her family relationship with turkey cock. She knew that her conserve was having an conflict with another women simply Daisy did not do anything about it. tomcat was careless in a some(prenominal) to a greater extent evident way. He was ferine as well as destructive. Tom felt that he could do anything he wanted and get forward with it. He would never admit that he was self-possessed because he was egotistical. Tom was careless in his relationship with Daisy, his wife, and myrtle Wilson, his lover. He allowed Gatsby to derive his wifes love.

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