Thursday, July 18, 2019

Automobile and Car Pooling Essay

Car pooling, also known as ride-sharing or lift-sharing, can save you big bucks on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, oil resources and reduce all the associated nasty environmental impact associated with your driving. The benefits of carpooling are many. If you are currently driving every day, you’re going to save money on your commute costs by carpooling. In some cases, depending on the length of your commute and the number of days you don’t drive, the savings can be significant. You’ll endure less stress on your commute. Finally, by driving less you’ll be helping to keep the air clean. First, car pooling saves you big bucks on gas by, instead of you and your friend, cousin, or relative both taking different cars and you both are going to the same place, you both can take the same car and share the gas money instead of taking your own cars and paying much more gas money. Couple months ago gas prices were going up, I think that people are deciding to car pool more so they can save big bucks on gas. Also, rather than you and your buddy or cousin both adding mileage on your cars you both can just go together and add mileage to one of your cars instead both cars. This can also lower the risk of car accidents that happen on the road if there is less cars being used. If you and your friends car pool then you guys need to always plan the times because no one want to be late to work or any other place you have planned. Car pooling also has big responsibilities because the driver has to be on time to take the friend or buddy to work and also has to be on time to pick that person up. Second, another thing that car pooling is good for is that it keeps the environment and air much cleaner. One example of this would be is rather than two car engines working at once and putting a lot of nasty pollution in the air you could take one car and keep the air half cleaner. If car pooling goes in effect and many people decide to do this then there will be less cars on the road which will leave much less traffic jams. Also, this will make it easier for the road construction workers if there is less cars on the road because then they could work more and get there job done earlier. Finally, car polling is good because it leaves much more parking places in many crowded areas. One example of this would be is that when students go to school in the morning it is usually hard to find a parking place because they are all taken by other students cars but if a couple of friends used on car then this will leave much more parking place for others. Statistics show carpooling is very safe. However, you must keep your personal safety in mind. If you are considering carpooling with people you do not know, you should meet with them in person before hand. This meeting will serve two purposes. First, you’ll have a chance to discuss your ideas on setting up a carpool without obligating yourself to do it. Then, you’ll be able to assess your comfort level with the people. Ask questions and trust your instincts. If you are not comfortable with that person then just tell them you have decided not to carpool anymore. If you known the person your carpooling with than that is much easier for you to be comfortable with them but also carpool with people you trust because your putting your life in there hands by being the passenger and letting the driver control the vehicle because anything can happen on the road and one example of this would be an accident. I think in my opinion that carpooling is good because it saves you big bucks on gas, helps you keep your wear and tear on your vehicle less, and it also helps the environment out by putting less pollution in the air. I always carpool with my friends because of these reasons, but remember pick right carpooling partners or partner that you trust and are comfortable with before you start to carpool with them.

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