Monday, September 16, 2019

High School and Essay Entitlement Education Essay

High school is a place where students can slide easily through. They do not have to put forth any effort to get a good grade. They feel that they can get maximum achievement with minimum work. To some high school is way too easy and that they can just cake walk through. However, to others, such as author Daniel Bruno, it is an imperfect reality that many high school students get sucked into. In his essay â€Å"Entitlement Education,† Daniel Bruno courageously uncovers the truth about how high school students take advantage of the No Child Left Behind policy. Daniel goes behind the curtains to reveal real life high school and how students are not trying to achieve greatness but just enough or nothing at all. In America we have a society that allows our students to not try their best in school. Students wake up knowing that they don’t have to try as hard because they will receive a passing grade. Daniel exposes how students are under prepare for college because they lack the knowledge being taught in high school. They do not pay close attention because again they expect or they feel that they are entitled to a good grade. They will also be cheated because their lives will be less. They will get find his or her self at a disadvantage on a job. They say that intelligence is the quality of his or her life. A person may have knowledge but no intelligence. So, they can know all the facts there is to know but cannot apply it to solve problems or make connections. In conclusion, entitlement does go on forever. They are cheated out of a number of things before they even realize it. Entitlement is only handicapping high school students from the next level which is college. Entitlement can ruin the dreams of students who are caught up in this unreal reality and think they are entitled to anything. Work Cited â€Å"Almanac.† The Chronicle of Higher Education. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 2000. Web. 18 Oct. 2001.

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