Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fire service administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Fire service administration - Essay Example f fire extinguisher, burglar detection system in place and how the insured came to know about the fire, are essential for investigation (Redsicker & O’Connor, 2010). The fire fighters officially need no warrant to enter in a building for a specific time having reasons to be there to investigate the matter. If the above persons are in a state of doubt, they have every right to arrange administrative or criminal search warrant as the case may be for necessary searches by intimating to the office of Prosecutor. For more elaborate investigation, they seek permission of district attorney coupled with crime specialists and legal experts to face the questionnaire relating to affected scene (Davis, 1978). If search needed, it should be specific in respect of the ingredients that are location of the property to be searched and specific items that require searching. If there is no reason or evidence available, the investigator may have some probable cause (Davis, 1978). A Probable Cause Affidavit should contain many aspects such as when and where the incidence took place; relevant information should be in chronological order leading to the ending point of ample evidence for a particular location; if other investigator need to investigate the place of incidence, it requires the following conditionality and in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, it should be with the consensus of all the stakeholders; Investigators are duty bound to keep that cause of fire for examination later on; the mentioned laws allow sharing of information between the police and fire investigator besides the investigators of the insurance company (Davis, 1978). The key aim is to ensure flow of vital information between the law enforcers and the insurers. It provides opportunity to the insurer or other persons connected with fires that seem to be suspicious in its originality. It permits insurer to inform the state organs about fire and share the information that has developed during the course

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