Friday, September 13, 2019

Critical thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Critical thinking - Essay Example He uses the church as a source to refer to the hard hearted in support of his position. The church through the ages has at times adopted the doctrine of compel violet, a kind of political dominants, a kind of cultural superiority, a means of political dominance. According to Aristotle the essence of happiness is prosperity combined with virtue. When someone is happy, that is when he or she can make many friends, build a family, make wealth, live long life, excel, have athletic powers and therefore good virtue. Rhetoric is known as the ability of using language efficiently. Aristotle asserts, rhetoric is useful in that; it helps to discover the known and the unknown about a subject. Normally, we use language- in speech or in writing- we engage in a rhetorical work (McKeon, 148). Absolute certainty assumes the knower to understand each concept in its full extension and in its relationship to all other concepts. Absolute certainty precludes doubt of any nature. Absolute certainty holds every thought in total context and always relates all information together as one unified whole. Absolute certainty, defined in this full extension of the term, is possible only to an absolute being that enjoys absolute knowledge. The Corpus of marvel exists when someone evokes or experienced surprise or wonders where as a miracle is an event that occurs inexplicable as per the laws of nature and is taken to be supernatural. Hume defines miracle as a transcriptional of law of nature by a specific volition of Deity. Personally, some experiences are inexplicable i.e. when I got healed stomach ulcers without undergoing any medication (Bailey, Alan & Dan, 212). There are four methods by which we can assure the truth of something. First, is by trusting the source of the information (Lee, 37). For example, by reading a book or review a research study; by using references other than scientific studies such as religious literature. In all cases, the information is usually made clear and

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