Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Educational Mission Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Educational Mission Statement - Essay Example Organizational mission statement is a very important statement because it represents: Therefore, the mission statement is very central to the organization's identity and it is augmented by other things such as philosophy statement, values, objectives etc. The heart of any organizational mission statement is not in the words but in the commitment to carry out what is spelt out in the statement. This paper seeks to highlight the mission statement and the philosophy of nursing of a healthcare organization in comparison with the mission statement and nursing philosophy statement of a nursing department of an educational institution. Situated inWorcester, Massachusetts, Saint Vincent Hospital, a 348 bed facility, offers a myriad of health care services including surgery, cancer medicine maternity and child care services, neurosurgery, orthopedics, psychiatry, ICU services etc. Dedicated to provision of quality patient care with unyielding concentration to clinical excellence, safety of the patients and an unmatched obsession and commitment to guarantee best healthcare for our clients Saint Vincent Hospital's philosophy of nursing and nursing practice is summed up in their values which are simply broken down into five pillars. These are: Trust, Teamwork, Dignity and Reverence, Cooperation and Integrity. Teamwork - acknowledges the input of all but needs sacrifice for the sake of the patient's benefit so as to improve the health of the community receiving the hospital's service. The hospital also works in collaboration with other organizations in a bid to look after vulnerable groups in the community Cooperation - Between the patient and the nursing staff and also between the various clinical professionals and specialists Integrity - Integrity is prioritized and is demonstrated mainly through fairness, sincerity and self-scrutiny in all services rendered as a perfect way to defend general safety, as well as guarantee discretion and privacy (Huber, 2006). 2.2University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Department of Nursing provide health care to the entire university of Iowa community. 2.2.1 Mission Statement Provision of high quality care for patients through strong dedication to innovation, practice, research, education, and collaboration 2.2.2 Philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Practice Nursing as an art and science- nursing as an art and science is devoted to enhancing both psychological and physical welfare of

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