Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Examination of Bacterial Infections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Examination of Bacterial Infections - Essay Example The essay "Examination of Bacterial Infections" talks about a keen examination of bacterial infections and elements necessary to spread an infection. It provides facts concerning the conditions necessary to spread an infection, the nature of a potential host and the modes of pathogen transmission. A susceptible host is the one who has little resistance against a certain organism, therefore, when exposed to it, he or she is likely to contract a disease. A potential host can be made susceptible by factors such as; age, immunity or physical conditions. Certain bacteria have a natural affinity for persons of certain age groups. The very young and the very old persons are generally more susceptible to diseases compared to the older children and young adults. Low immunity can make a potential host susceptible to an infection. For instance, persons who have never been exposed to an infectious organism might not develop acquired natural immunity against it hence being more susceptible compar ed to the ones who have been exposed to it before. Nevertheless, physical conditions such as exposure to elements, malnutrition, and extreme fatigue can weaken the resistance to pathogenic invasions hence making the host susceptible. There are three primary modes of pathogen transmission that include vehicle, vector, and contact transmission. Vehicle transmission is whereby an object carries the disease-causing microorganism to the host. Vector transmission involves organisms such as insects that transmit the pathogens to the hosts.

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