Thursday, October 24, 2019


Good morning! I hope all of you are doing well today! My name is Ethan Saye; I’m from Pilot Point Texas which is North of Dallas, this year I will to be in 9th grade at Aubrey High School. I’m a member of the Aubrey FFA and a proud member of the JBBA. This morning I will be speaking on My Favorite of the Six Essentials that Tom Lasater insisted on being the requirements concerning the Beefmaster cattle.Although I like the Beefmaster Breed for their Fertility, Weight, Milking Ability, Conformation, and Disposition, my favorite of the six essentials is the hardiness of this breed. Allow me tell you why I like this ability: for one reason they adapt easily to just about all climates including extremely hot and cold weather, they also do well in dry and wet climates.They adapt so easily they are found in the US, Mexico, Both Central America and South America, Australia and Africa as well. There are not a lot of breeds that can be so adaptable to so many types of climates. T his means that the Beefmaster breed can be raised globally. It also means as the world climate changes due to global warming the Beefmaster will be able to adapt easily and do a good job for their purpose, whether it is for milking, for meat, breeding, showing or just enjoying a good bull ride.The Beefmaster breed will survive and strive for many years to come and any beefmaster rancher would proud to say he owns a herd. Even though beefmasters will strive this does not mean that all other life will. With saying that I hope I have convinced you that we the people need to have a part with lowering pollution. I will one day on my own herd, because of the hardiness of the beefmaster breed, so that I may be able to carry on this wonderful breed and be able to prosper as well.

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