Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Complete Research Paper Drafts and Peer Reviews Essay

Complete Research Paper Drafts and Peer Reviews - Essay Example Consequently, paper examines both the positive and negative impacts of the internet on the publishing industry. In evaluation, the positive and negative impacts of the internet on the publishing industry will guide policy and point on to major features that need to be improved on. Further, the examination of the trend in the industry that is caused by the internet will help in predicting the future changes that may be experienced in the industry. Moreover, this research will enable researchers in the future to identify potential areas of industry that can be researched on. The internet has improved the publishing industry by enabling books to be printed on deman, online marketing that reaches more readers and perhaps, the e-book which has significantly lowered book transport costs. This research looked at the carious reources that have been written relative to the study. A research by Kennedy (2009) provides information on the effects of using this criterion of electronic publishing. It is much useful in that it gives detailed information on the future of publishers and librarians who are applying the idea of electronic publishing. Kennedy predicts that the internet will ultimately change the various positions held by different players in the industry and that some will have to be eliminated or fit themselves in the expanded market. Contrary, Otuoma (2002) predicts that the future market for the publishing industry though expanded will need fewer players to supply it hence many players will not find space in the industry but will be eliminated. This research by Otuoma has been of much help in this research as it focuses on the landscape of the technology basically the content production. Importantly, it is useful for this research since it brings out the distribution of the technology in different nations as the publishers work more hard so that they can fit in this

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