Monday, October 7, 2019

Art History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 14

Art History - Essay Example According to this movement, reason and logic led people into war and therefore they were against capitalism. Fountain is one the greatest Duchamp’s works and this piece of art is dated 1917. This piece of art is well known for the production of readymade or found objects of visual art. It is also important to understand that this piece of art has a close relationship with the dada movement. As already mentioned above, Dadaism was against the strict logic and reasoning and productions like the fountain was meant to change the focus of art from the traditional visual to mental. Theo van Doesburg is also one of the Dadaist artists who had similar opinions of changing the focus of the traditional art to modernism. According to this artist, art was not meant to just please the eyes but also to appease the mind. His works closely resembles Duchamp’s work of cubism. The two artists based their works on change of ideologies as they argued that lack of change in ideology is what resulted into the First World War. Their main aim of art was to show retaliation against capitalism in most countries across Europe and America. Theo van Doesburg made large drawings, writings and other studies regarding large glasses. This artist desired the accommodation of modernity with his style commonly used in modern industrial products. This is also similar to Duchamp especially his work on the fountain. The urinal is commonly used in the toilets. It is also important to understand that the formation of glasses and tiles as pieces of art is majorly influenced with these two artists. Besides this Doesburg was also much concerned about alphabetical designs something that is argued to be an influence from his witty chess game (Baljeu). He is reported to be a lover of chess and this influenced most of his art work. A good example is the formation of the vertical word of zig-zag in 1931. The artists aimed at stripping words their

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