Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Project planning and implementation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Project planning and implementation - Assignment Example Supporting Process Plans 14 4.1 Code of practice: Ethical issues for the B-Spoke Bikes project 14 4.2 Legal issues 15 4.3 Quality Assurance 15 4.4 Project support and maintenance 16 The system will be supported by the existing network system. The systems will also depend on other departments such as finance and human resource. The maintenance of the database system will be done by the IT specialist hired from external companies which offer database maintenance service. The maintenance process will be done monthly. An audit of the system will also be conducted monthly to check the system performance. 16 4.5 Process Improvement 16 4.6 Follow-up project 17 The current project will be followed by a website development project, which will avail the services to the clients, suppliers and the employees via the internet. The database project is the basis of initiating the website project because the user’s ability to use the database is a prerequisite to the website. The website proje ct will start as soon as the company management are satisfied with the employee’s ability to manipulate the business data using the database system. 17 5. References 18 1. Project Overview 1.1 Purpose, Scope, and Objectives The database system should ensure that the information about the suppliers, jobs, customers, staff and stock should be interconnected to ensure effective data sharing. The database system should generate reports that are used by the executive in decision making process. The project should be able to link the data therein should be shared linked to the finance and CRM system. The system should have an interface where the website will be linked. The clients, suppliers, employees and customers should be able to access the data in the database via the internet in future. This means that the database will have to be linked to the website. The integration will take place when the staffs have had excellent skills on the use of database system. All the project del iverables should be handled in accordance with the project charter and business case document. The B-Spoke Bikes database project is meant to automate the business operation of a B-Spoke Bikes company. The project should be is supposed to be completed within the stipulated time. The project covers the design and development of an access database system. The company should be able to achieve its business objectives using the database system. The database system should enable effective communication of data between different departments. The database system should automate all the business process in the company. 1.2 Assumptions, Constraints and Risks The project implementation team assumes that the B-spoke company have in place all the computer hardware and software needed during the implementation process. The project also assumes that the risks to the project remain the identified. There will be an effective collaboration between the implementation team, stakeholders and project fu nctions There will be consistent supply of funds required during the implementation process. Constraints and risks on the project are: The time that allocated for the project might not be adequate to ensure that all the project deliverables are handled effectively. The funds allocated to the project are limited. The project budget does not give considerations cost accruing due to unexpected risks. The human resources (database programmers and system testing team might be inadequate). This may alter the project completion time and

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