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Goya Foods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Goya Foods - Essay Example These factor would influence the marketing objectives of the business it overall performance. Businesses that are unable to factor viable products in the market usually fail. Management is a critical factor that influences the success of the business. The company CEO is a figure that influence, growth and success of the business. Policies adopted a business would influence it behavior in a competitive market. In designing business policies and marketing objectives, the management evaluates all possible factors that dictate business performance in different environment. This paper intends to evaluate the performance of Goya Food. Company overview Goya Food Company distributes and manufactures a wide range of food products. Goya Food Company has its headquarters in New Jersey. The Company command large market share, which springs to Latin America among other destinations. The products of company borrows a lot from the traditions of various communities it serves especially the Hispanic foods (Liberman 84). Most of foods products of Goya Food Company constitute the traditional taste of Hispanic foods. The company marketing strategy adopted the trend of producing and distributing Hispanic foods because of the customer culture that influence market stability. It is also important to note that Goya Food Company relies on the market information in developing viable products that respond to changes in market demands. The company began its operation in 1936. Goya Food Company import food products Spain in order to manufacture products, which would meet the needs of the Hispanic people whom it serves. Goya Food Company is one of the largest family owned companies in the United States. The company CEO is Bob Unanue who has a duty of steering the company to higher heights. Goya Food Company is among the few family companies that have sufficed all odds to remain viable in the market. Leadership of Goya Food Company Management is a vital element in company business. Managemen t of the company is a pillar that has kept the company in market for more than seventy years. The leadership style applied by Goya Food Company has been a critical factor that has steered the company to the current level it has reached. Since the company is family owned, board of directors of the company are family members. This is quite appealing because the members have been able to make difficult management decisions, which has influenced the progress of the company. For instance, the former company CEO Joseph made many decision of the company without involving the board members a fact that led to his ousting. Agreement among the members of the body during annual meetings of the company influences the management operation of the company. Largely, the decision of the board influence top management of the company. It is also important to note that, family members of the company founder form the shareholders of the company. This is in accordance to private company establishment act. Success of the company lies on the strategic leadership approaches adopted by the company. Research reveals that the company management body solves its disagreement through conversation. The CEO of the company alludes that court is the last option that the company would seek for intricate issues that affects its management (Goya). The leadership of Bob Unanue has ensured that the company develops new products and expands its market share. It is unique for family companies to develop several distribution outlets and products without facing challenges that threaten the growth of the company. Bob has been able to coordinate and make strategic decisions, which influence the overall performance of the

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