Tuesday, April 23, 2019

MGT 501 Mgmt. and Org. Behavior Organizations as POLITICAL SYSTEMS - Essay

MGT 501 Mgmt. and Org. Behavior Organizations as POLITICAL SYSTEMS - systems of political activity, with patterns of competing interests, conflict and power - Essay Examplehow things have changed over the years and how an singular needs to act if he / she expect to survive their job. Any kind of loose talk or gossip can prove to be very expensive for the individuals and hence a great partake in of care needs to be taken.The two articles have in their own ways brought out the various points of how individuals can finagle their position in the offices without getting into the bad books of either their colleagues or the bosses. The main contrariety of the two articles however is that Kennedy provides insights on how to effectively lead a team and more importantly how to manage teams in the current times. She explains how the leadership was different in earlier times and how people now choose to be led than managed. This is suck in from the statement in the article, Old style mana gement is out. Younger workers, especially, dont want to be managed. They want to follow someone who knows where he or she is going. They want to be taught, not directed. apprehend shortages intensify when physician executives dont adapt their styles (Kennedy).Both the authors have presented very similar motions however have explained them in very different manners. Kennedy explains the politics and leadership in a manner which is more as a solution and advice to be good leaders in the current times, while Sun has given a clear cut explanation of the politics and ways to avoid them in a very diplomatical manner. This is clear from the statement made in the article, Suppose your co-workers start complaining about the boss. If you join in, it makes you go through disloyal to the boss, he advices the individuals to reply as, Come on, arent we exaggerating? name of boss really isnt THAT bad (Sun). Hence as seen it is clear that the two authors have in their own ways shown how to deal with politics in a company.Considering the topic of managing power in social relationships, it is important to note that this requires a high deal of

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