Sunday, April 21, 2019

Department of Health and Human Services IT Security Program Research Paper

Department of Health and Human Services IT Security Program - Research Paper representativeThis constitution step to the forelines the framework by which the department ensures that its IT resources are protected when accessed remotely. The resources mentioned include all(prenominal) levels of sensitivity all existing automated information and systems. The insurance policy includes mandatory rules for all organizational units, employees and other stakeholders. The roles and responsibilities are in addition outlined for the managers, security and IT officers. Building on the fact that pro-active security measures are implemented and maintained effectively, this policy outlines the rules by which malware or malicious computer applications and data are prevented from entering the system, detected and rooted out immediately. This policy is particularly directed at the employees who are tasked to gather, process and transmit HHS information and infrastructure resources such(prenomin al) as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Resources management and sr. Information Systems Security Officer. Through this policy, the Department of Health and Human Services, effectively, created the PII Breach Response Team. Consequently, the policy outlined the responsibilities, tasks, and mandate of the team such as the identification, management, and response to suspected or confirmed security breaches. This policy also created the HHS Information Security and Privacy Program, which was developed to support the Breach Response Team. This is one of the some(prenominal) major policies that came from the office of the Chief Information Officer. It outlines the implementation for machine-readable policy for the agencys websites. A aggregate component of this policy is the satisfaction of best practices standards in terms of satisfying web privacy security, statutory and regulatory requirements as well as the collection and protect ion of data.

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